It this idea, she was happy to help

It is necessary to pay attention to
social networks and sites on which photographers communicate. We need to
attract attention, invite to the opening of the studio, let them work for a
while with our equipment and premises. Interesting interiors, good lighting
devices and new high-quality backgrounds will surely attract their attention.
Also for advertising we can use specialized magazines, television. We can also
invite the popular photographers of Tashkent to take pictures in our studio, in
order to publish these photos with a link to our studio. Among these photographers
are Evelina, VasiliyaBadamshina, Zhuka, Ravshaniya and so on. After chatting
with Zhuka and offering her this idea, she was happy to help in the opening and
design of the studio. In addition, you need to create a page in social networks
such as Facebook, Instagram and so on, and also ,periodically,  we can conduct various actions, for example,
offer discounts on services on certain days or launch a system of discounts.
And, of course, we need to create a competent and vibrant website that will
attract new customers. We can sign up with the local Chamber of trade, in order
to include a hyperlink to our website. We will distribute business cards with
our URL in nearby high schools, in particular with an emphasis on the increase
of juniors and adults. In addition, it will be contacted with wedding salons
and weddings organizations in order to recommend our services to young couples
for filming of love stories.


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The most effective advertising is high-quality
images made in our photo studio. In order to get people to know about our works
and the interior, we need to create our own portfolio, place it in social
networks.It is also effective to promote this business by conducting master
classes of famous masters, conducting training courses for young photographers.
When the studio makes its name, active advertising will not be needed. To
promote the photo studio it is desirable to participate in special photo
exhibitions or create exhibitions where photographers will show their works,
thereby creating a good reputation among photography specialists. This action
will not bring direct income, but it will positively affect the image of the

Our method is to grow to be an integral studio with a regular
profits, increase long-time period relationships with clients and take the
initiative to call them whilst it is time for brand new photographs or when new
scenery appears


Staffing for the studio includes an
experienced photographer. A talented photographer should become a visiting card
of the salon, his work should attract, not repel customers. We need to find a
professional photographer and pay attention both to the portfolio of young and
creative people, and to more popular and sophisticated masters. The second, of
course, will require larger salary, but their knowledge and existing client
base will bring high profits and increase the efficiency of our business.

Our plan is to start a business with 5 key employees:

ü Chief Director and Lead Photographer

ü Administrator

ü Sales and Marketing Manager

ü Assistant photographer

ü Make-up artist

Administrator responsibilities
include recording clients, answering phone calls, placing advertising
information on the Internet, supporting groups in social networks, etc. In
addition, administrators can install equipment, change backgrounds and perform
other support work.

In addition, for a full-time work of
a photo studio, a make-up artist is needed, which will only work at a certain
time. Make-up artist is better to look for with experience in photography.

As already mentioned, Zhuka is one of
the leading Tashkent photographers, agreed to cooperate with our photo studio,
if we embody our idea. Her work experience exceeds 6 years. She has a big
client base and portfolio.



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