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It is a well known fact that Nelson Mandela was a crucial activist in the regions of Africa. This humble political giant played an important role in making the countries of Africa a more manageable place to live. Born on July 18, 1918, Nelson Mandela was a simple young man who grew up in a small village known as Mveso in British Africa. He was born into the royal family which did grant him privileges and fortunately he took advantage and decided to study law. As a young man, Mandela studied at the University of Fort Hare and the University of Witwatersrand. As he progressed and obtained more and more knowledge about law he began to learn about how and why people in Africa were being oppressed by the Apartheid government. Despite all his accomplishments, Mandela was only successful because of his wits and determination. He had an everlasting impact on not only the people of the African continent but the world as we know it.             Additionally, in order to understand what Mandela accomplished, one must pay attention to all the “ups” and narrow in on the “downs” of his political activism career. Following Law School, Mandela began to support the anti-apartheid movement. He was put into jail during his protest of segregation and apartheid groups and served 27 years in prison. In addition to suffering the consequences, officials even asked him to stop the movement and he would be free but after refusing he was sentenced to even more time in jail. On top of that, he was despised by his enemies not only because he did not support apartheid governments but because he also didn’t support colonialism. Africa was a virtually unexplored continent aside from the already populous regions and republics. This paved many pathways for powerful countries such as England to grasp onto new territory. Therefore, on top of rural and vulnerable republics and countries being separated by the idea of an apartheid government, bigger powers were becoming prosperous as they fed off of new land and expanded throughout Africa. However, as soon as the effects of severe and harsh colonialism became apparent, many people vouched to get rid of it. Thus, Mandela became a political beacon for anticolonialism and the antiapartheid movement. Through his undeterred determination and hardwork, he and his movement were able to overcome the major power that once oppressed the countries of Africa.             Conclusively speaking, the story of Mandela comes to show that a mere human being has the potential to overcome any obstacles no matter the circumstances. His successes were all the products of his upbringing and his ethic. Many people who haven’t had the opportunity to learn about Nelson Mandela will never know just how impactful he was in the trials and tribulations of the African countries. His work has been extremely crucial in allowing history to never repeat itself and nations around the world have adopted and taken measures to insure that Nelson Mandela’s efforts never go unnoticed.


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