It of climate change through adaptation, but it

is not news that climate change is happening in different parts of the world for
various reasons. Climate change in Wisconsin has made the temperature warmer and
influenced agricultural production. A dramatic increase in temperature can control what crops are able to
be grown in an area, the quality and fertility of soil, the overall health of
people, and how much yield can be produced. Agriculture as a whole is very
important to Wisconsin because it provides a livelihood for many people,
strengthens the economy and supplies food. However, if fewer crops can be
produced during the growing season from temperature fluctuations, prices will increase
due to short supply. I believe that Wisconsin’s agricultural production is not sustainable.

Yes, there are ways to decrease the characteristics of climate change through
adaptation, but it is quite impossible to reverse or completely fix the harm it
has inflicted on the environment.

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and higher temperatures in Wisconsin have impacted the air and water quality drastically,
which in turn can affect the
health of people. For example, death of humans can be caused by extreme heat
for a long period of time, and respiratory diseases can be a result of too much
exposure to pollution. Diseases from water can also occur from flooding and
runoff from fields. Having an adequate amount of clean water and nutrient-rich
soil are necessities for agricultural production to thrive.

The top layer of soil is critical to
have in agriculture because it supports the crop, and contains several
essential minerals. Soil erosion occurs when the top layer of soil is removed,
mainly by wind or water. Increasing amounts of rainfall in Wisconsin are
impacting agriculture because soil degradation will become even more prominent,
if methods to maintain soil quality aren’t instilled. Also, too much rainwater
can build up causing the plant to die or the soil to become less tightly
packed. Water that is available is a reflection of the type of soil, how much
water the soil can hold, and how fast the water filters through the soil. On
the other hand, reduced moisture in the soil from hotter temperatures can
affect crops negatively because they won’t be supplied with enough water to grow
and survive. Droughts can cause more costs to the farmer, in order for them to maintain
their irrigation systems.

It is important to take action in our
local communities and spread awareness to conserve resources and protect the
environment. There are always ways to improve upon an agricultural practice in
Wisconsin. Being sustainable for the generations to come will improve both our
quality of life and theirs.


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