It fabulous capacity for intellectual growth. He is

It is great to participate in the evaluation
process of my team member Mr. Nikhil P Shetty. As a Team Leader, I have known Nikhil
for two years. During this time, I had ample opportunities to observe &
evaluate him.


What strikes me the most about him is his insatiable
thirst for knowledge. He is a very intelligent person who is constantly
expanding his fabulous capacity for intellectual growth. He is ambitious and
persistent when it comes to his intellectual pursuits. He displayed a keen
interest in many projects. He was one of the best team members during his
tenure here. His work is a clear reflection of his superior knowledge and
skills in the field of Computer Networks. He has attended many technical seminars
on the subject.

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Emotional intelligence makes an important part of
life, together with intellectual intelligence. Over the years Nikhil has
developed emotional maturity in him. He caught our attention instantly with the
amount of stress he handled when others wilted under pressure. He managed to handle
many a project with a remarkable sense of calmness and confidence. I believe
that it’s this quality that will make him a very good candidate for your
graduate program.


His conduct throughout his tenure was exemplary. I
do feel bad that he is no longer a part of our organization but I realize that
it’s time for him to add to this vast knowledge. To do true justice to his
unending thirst for knowledge in the field of Electrical and Computer
Engineering, a master’s program would be the next logical step. In my unbiased
opinion he has a rich blend of intellect, temperament, and discipline.


Mr. Nikhil P Shetty is an excellent choice for your
esteemed institution and will be a perfect fit for your challenging course. I
place myself fully accessible to you to be contacted regarding inquiries about Nikhil.


Please feel free to contact me for any queries.


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