It are the objectives:Objective 1: Determination of what

It will be helpful to create a training program by researching the situation of the company thoroughly. After careful administration of the key areas of the company; a detailed customised training plan can be created for the employees of the company. The following are the objectives:Objective 1: Determination of what training is requiredObjective 2: Determination of who needs to be trainedObjective 3: Understand how est training should be given to the adult learnersObjective 4: Understanding the audienceObjective 5: Drawing a detailed blueprintThe training needs can be identified by understanding the goals; in this case knowing the requirement to train the employees for the usage of a new company-wide software program.There are four important elements involved in training individuals for the usage of the program. This includes the followingPersonal achievement- It needs to be directed to the employees that training for the usage of the program will lead to high job status.Social wellbeing and external expectations are elements which are part of the adult learningStimulation to help break the flow of routine workInterest in learning to help employees obtain knowledge and satisfy the curious mind.ReinforcementThis is required both positive and negative for successful training. This can include verbal praise, encouragement and negative reinforcement include performance reviews and evaluation.Transference is the need to apply what has been learnt in practicality.It will be useful to learn the background of the employees and the previous training they had for the program if any. Also, demographics of the group, educational level, expertise and overall attitude will be useful for the training.It is necessary to understand what kind of training is preferred by the employees. This includes Visual, Oral and Kinesthetic or tactile method of learning; it will be easier to train the employees


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