Is represent vacuole which is a cell that

Is It Alive?

Cellular organization is the
components of a cell and the arrangements of these individual parts within the
cell. The sample in diagram one shows a plant cell with a bunch of cells with a
plant tissues.  In the diagram of the
cell label A represents the organelle of the cell wall which is a strong
supporting layer around the membrane. Label B represents the cell membrane
which is that all cells surrounded by a thin flexible barrier. Label C
represents chloroplast which performs photosynthesis. Label D represents
mitochondria which is organelles that convert the chemical energy stored in
food into chemical compounds that are used for cell use. Label E represent
vacuole which is a cell that contains saclike structures. Label F represents
the nuclear envelope which is composed of two membranes. This sample shows
evidence of cellular organization.

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In Diagram 1 and 2 they have the
characteristics of multicellular, eukaryotic, plant-like, autotrophic, performs
photosynthesis and performs cellular respiration. It is multicellular because
there are more than one components that represent a cell. It is eukaryotic
because there are structures in each cell that represents organelles. It is
autotrophic because the plants make their own food by photosynthesis. It
performs photosynthesis and cellular respiration because it is a plant. The
sample represents tissue in diagram 1 because we see many cells together.


Carbohydrates have a structure of carbon, hydrogen and
oxygen (CHO) and have the function of quick energy. Lipids have the structure
of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and found in carbon chains and have the function
of insulation and cell membrane covering. Proteins have the structure of
carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen and the amino acid group (CHON) and have the
function that starts chemical reactions in enzymes. Nucleic acids have the
structures of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and phosphorous (CHONP) and
have the function that makes genetic code and RNA helps with making proteins.


All living things obtain and
transform energy to carry out their life processes. The two chemical reactions
that drive the transformation of energy through the world include
photosynthesis and cellular respiration. The energy transformation that occurs
in reaction A is that the plants use light energy to convert water and carbon
dioxide into oxygen and high energy carbohydrates such as sugars and starches.
The energy transformation that occurs in reaction B is that it releases energy
by breaking down glucose and other foods in the presence of oxygen. The data
describes the relationship between reaction A and reaction B which is that they
are the same just flipped and complete opposites. Graph 1 is converting
sunlight into sugar. Graph 2 is converting chemical energy into mechanical


Three cells are removed from the sample of
Mearth. In sample one the water will remove the cell wall because osmosis is
the movement of water from high concentrated areas. In sample two 85% is water
and 15% is dissolved solute. In sample three the cell is placed in a hypertonic
solution and the water will move from the inside to the outside of the cell and
then the cell will shrink. Osmosis is a passive transport mechanism in living
systems because water molecules move to a low concentration so no energy is
required. ATP may be necessary for the transport of some materials through the
plasma membrane because some minerals travel from low concentration levels to
high concentration levels and no energy is required to move it. Homeostasis is
the tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium
between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological
processes. In graph 4 is that the number of oxygen bubbles decrease after 30
degrees. Enzymes are proteins involved in biological reactions, like
photosynthesis and cellular respiration. The high t


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