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Irene : “Do you officers & detectives get free coffee ?”Detective : “Nope , we just get big discounts. “Irene : “What are the responsibilities of a homicide detective?”Detective : “My responsibilities are to investigate homicides, gather, catalog and correctly identify evidence, including interviews/interrogations, Build a prosecutable case for court. Occasionally arrest the suspect. More often than not, they’re picked up by Sheriff’s Deputies serving warrants. There’s only one positive aspect of the job, the satisfaction you get being the last voice to ever speak for the deceased. Even if the deceased was a dirtbag, he/she still deserved to live and have a chance to improve their lives. Seldom do you get a “thank You” from the victim’s family.”Irene : “What personal and/or professional qualities are needed for the job?”Detective : “The ability to go home, take off that gun and badge, have a beer and forget what happened today. Just be a regular nice guy at home, be able to not talk to your family about what you do at work. Never tell them why your gun(s) is/are within arms reach. Professional qualities? Enjoy jigsaw puzzles and word games. Putting a case together is like a word puzzle or jigsaw puzzle with no instructions and none of the pieces fit for months on end. Have superior attention to detail. If you notice things other people overlook, that helps. Diligence and perseverance. Ethics and professionalism beyond reproach. Become an exemplary patrol officer for 5-7 years, then apply for your agencies Violent Crimes/Homicide Unit. Did I talk you out of it yet? It’s not for everybody.”Irene : “I want to become a detective once I graduate & I fear I might not make it because I’m a female & not to tall , any advice?” Detective : “To become a homicide detective, you must first become a police officer. How you become a police officer depends on the state and on the department. Visit the websites of some large police departments that you might want to work for. Police department websites often provide information about their hiring process. Most police departments require that you work as a patrol officer for at least 2 years before being eligible to be considered for a detective position. Many departments require more time. Getting police officer jobs is becoming more and more competitive. If you want to become a police officer, you should get at least a 4 year degree with a high grade point average from an accredited school. Getting a college degree is one of the best things that you can do if you want to become a police officer. Choose a major that interests you and that could also be useful for police work. Many people would suggest choosing a major other than criminal justice. There are many good majors for police officers and people that want to become police officers. Accounting, communications, computer science/information systems, a foreign language, forensic science, law, and psychology are some examples. Don’t worry about being a female, and don’t worry about your size. I know very effective police officers that are not tall. Just like all police officers should, stay physically fit, keep up with your training, and become as proficient as you can with all of the tools available to you.”


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