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Baxter Storey Limited is the Britain’s leading independent hospitality
provider/caterer, occupied on a large scale the organisation specialises in custom-made
services and individual establishment.  They have over 8500 employee in 700 locations
around UK, Ireland, Scotland and Europe. The Baxter storey’s key standards
exist in creating delicious food from fresh, locally sourced ingredients, all
of which are prepared and cooked by their academy-trained chefs, and service professionalism.
Baxter Storey, has clients in the Financial industry, Media, University, Legal,
Manufacturing and Sports Industry across UK and Europe. Their services give
diverse range from delicatessen to fine dining, traditional restaurants and
hospitality. Baxter Storey catering services are tailor-made, accommodate
individual client requirements, facilities and budgets. They run from a
café-bar, deli-bar, restaurant, retail, hospitality to fine dining, all depend
on single-site corporate through to multi-site business with several restaurant
facility outlets.

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Baxter Storey service and system implementation are differing
from client to client. Since all of their services are tailor made service for
each client and depend on what client want with their budget and facilities the
client can offer. Therefore, the information system implementation I am going
to my case study is Baxter storey catering service in the Goldman Sachs Group,
Inc London River Court Branch. Here I will be mention a brief about the client
as it is important to know the client as services and systems decisions matching
their needs.

The client, Goldman Sachs Group, is a worldwide investment
banking, securities and investment management firm. They provide a varied range
of financial services to a diversified customer like institutions, corporation,
government and individuals. As their client nature of business handle
confidential information and securities is their main priorities in any sense.  Before the Baxter storey came in the picture,
there were many other caterers before had cratered them. When Baxter storey had
win the contract for the catering services for Goldman Sachs, there was some
systems, hardware and network system were offer to them by the Goldman Sachs.

Information Systems


There were three main information system they have been
using at the present. They are Uniware, Chef Eye and Vendman.  Uniware EPos system has been provided by the
client and the two other Chef Eye and Vendman system has been brought over by
Baxter to meet their business needs. Here I will be mention technical background
of each system and their uses in this section.

Uniware EPoS


Uniware is EPoS transaction processing system that Baxter Storey
use for tills processing for daily retail trading.  This tills procession feeds directly into the
uniware Cloud Dashboard and transaction are update in real time. Speed of service
is quite fast as it has own network system set up for it and it has it quite a
lot of range of payment options available in the functions. PoS domain is
managed centrally through Uniware Cloud and as the result of that all products,
menu and price changes must done by centrally.

Payment Functions

Currently they are using two of the different payment method
that Uniware has – Access card payment and Credit/Debit card payment. Access
card is the client employer ID card, with that they can load the balance, check
the balance and buy stuffs.  Inside the canteen,
there are cash loader system that is attached on the wall. So, customer can
revalue their account with bankcard or cash and they can check their account

Reporting and Business Analysis suite

Uniware Cloud have customisable, real-time reporting
function. It offers you functionality like create report, schedule reporting,
you can configure reports setting, save them or schedule the report to be sent
to one or many people with scheduling.  It also has business analysis functionality,
for example, sale by trade area, top 10 popular item, etc.


All the staffs the account to use it the system. However,
not all of them will have the same access level. Therefore, the operational
staff and managerial staff will have different permission to access the
functions like business analysis suite are not the operational staff.



The Client Building is combination of three building with
many floor, throughout the building they have about 60 vending machines. To
manage all the vending machine manually is time consuming and need huge
efforts. Baxter Storey added this new system to their information system.  Vendman, Vending machine management system, is
a web based application and use of standard handheld devices like smartphone.  The system give you real time operational ,consumer
insight stock control  and cash control.

Chef’s eye


Chef’s eye, food waste management system, that is use in the
kitchen to know how much waste they are wasting daily basis.  It is important for Baxter storey as this is
one of their business model to reduce the food wastage. It is a simple
technological solution which give actionable information to the managerial
staffs on food wastage and also cut food costs and purchasing. it also helps
kitchens to be more efficient and aware of the food waste they are making. 


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