Introduction in Jamestown, Virginia. The Arawak were the

Introduction I learned that 4 percent of America is German or 6,700 Germans currently. This essay is about the four major waves of immigration in the U.S. After we actually know the details of immigration we should begin to see that the “American story is a story of immigration itself”.Before 1790 This part of the essay happens before 1790 when America was first founded.  In 1609 the first colony was established in Jamestown, Virginia. The Arawak were the first to meet Christopher Columbus and were met with death. With the new people came new diseases. Because the Native Americans had no immune system to stop this new disease, smallpox wiped out most Native Americans, and the one who were left were sent to slave camps. In 1620 tens to thousands of British, German, and Dutch came into America to escape religious persecution. 90% of early settlers became farmers. Now that we have covered the first people to come to “America” we can talk about the first wave.1790-1830 The second part of this essay will take part between 1790-1820 where the immigrants first started coming.English, Scots, Scots-Irish, Germans , Dutch, French, Spanish, Puritans, came for Religious, political, and economic reasons.Total immigration was 1.2, then when the first Colonists came it spiked up to 9.6. Because of the long way to “The New Land” people were getting sick and dying the the way to there. In 1814 the Steerage Act of 1814 held ship’s captains to have more humane conditions on board. Now let us talk about the second wave.1830-1880 This paragraph will be talking about the second wave, who came, why, and how, ect. During the early 1820’s China, Irish, and Europe were immigrated because of the gold rush, and to escape famine. Then somewhere between 1820 and 1880 15.3 Million, they were primarily Irish and German, but a few Scandinavians, and Chinese. Ishish came of the potato famine, Germans came because of the failed a demographic revolution, Scandinavians came after the civil war to start small farms, Chinese were just done with War and Poverty. Then immigration was reduced by huge amounts of racism, Racialism, Radicalism, and Rural Resentment.  Now let’s talk about the third wave, one of the bigger waves.1880-1930So this is another paragraph that I’m writing and it’s about the 3rd Wave of immigration. So, the 3rd wave happened around 1880-1930 near WW1. For the people who came during that time period, they were Northwestern Europe, Southern and Eastern Europe. The reason they came was because of  Democracy, Freedom of Religion, available land, Economic opportunities, and Industries were booming allowing for new jobs, but the experienced terrible traveling conditions in boats, and building suspicion and hatred of Immigrants, meaning more and more were not allowed to enter America. The first part of the third wave was an open door but after ww1 because of building suspicion the gates were “closing”. Now let’s talk about the biggest wave of immigration ever: The Fourth Wave. 1930-1964 optional1965The fourth wave was among the biggest wave in the four waves, so let’s talk about it. The fourth wave happened during 1964 after WW2. The people who came were  Vietnam:700,000, Canada:650,000, Cuba:720,000, India:740,000, Korea: 760,000, Mexico: 4,300,000, and they came because Rising population pressures, The intense poverty of Third World countries, government repression. They were treated with racism, and laws to stop illegal immigrants to come. They went to the suburbs. They created religious and culture things. Immigrants have changed America by giving us more types of food, religion/culture, and making America bigger. Alright this was the fourth wave now let us conclude.So this was my essay, we talked about  a lot of things, but let’s talk some more about the waves. The first wave was when it all started, it wasn’t that big but it’s what started it all, people had their doubts but all in all let them in. The second wave is where people were still non acceptance of the immigrants, but most were coming for the gold rush. Third wave is difficult and bipolar, the first wave was an “open door” but after ww1 people hated immigrants so the second half was a “closing door”. Fourth wave was the biggest out of them all because of WW2, therefore the refugees coming to America and went to the suburbs, creating new religion and culture, and giving us their food secrets.


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