INTRODUCTION didn’t reflect cost of living challenges and



This write-up is about “Enabling a positive working”. It
is divided into five sections.

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The first section covers background of the study, best
practice, statement of opportunity, purpose of the study and conceptual
framework. The second addresses the variables or the constructs. The third describes
the relationship between the variables. The fourth discusses the relationship
between variables with the best practice.



Even with successful companies, employee’s need positive
outlook, recognition of their commitment, involvement in key decisions of the
company, financial support to achieve economic freedom and enabling work
environment. When one or more of these are weak or lacking, the organization
that was once flourishing can be dead and long gone in a couple of years.
However, an intentional emphasis on the core activities above will lead to
positive changes. This has been demonstrated in the case below of Jerry, an HR
and business Manager at Canaan Sites Ltd

1.1  CALM

AZ Consulting ltd in Uganda offering Management,
Technology, Development and Engineering Consulting has been a leading consulting
firm and has enjoyed a fair share of the market. Things were going well until
2014. AZ Consulting has been doing work in Uganda and rest of Africa but its
work portfolio in Uganda which generated over 1 Billion shillings had reduced
to a mere 400 million a drop of 60%. Some departments like Technology Consulting
didn’t win any bid in 2015 and the cash flow position deteriorated. Salaries
delayed by up to 4 month, employees complained that the salaries were very low
and didn’t reflect cost of living challenges and not at par with salaries in
the same industry. Client commitments like work, travels and meeting were not
honored by staff as there were no resources. The Bank, Standard Chartered
declined to offer a line of credit citing an already exceeded limit. Communication
was between staff and management was poor and departments were uncoordinated. Core
staff including managers made a mass exodus to the completion leading to a high
cost of recruitment and training replacements. By end of 2015, 20 out of 60
staff had resigned. Morale was so low that staff stayed away from office and at
one time only 4 staff out of 60 were in office.

Mr. Rwamburara, the Executive Director was worried
that his company would cross the threshold and close. He arranged a loan from a
money lender and cleared 3 month out of 5 owed to the lower staff and 1 month
pay out of 5 owed for the senior managers. He arranged a meeting with senior
managers and emphasized coping with increased load due to staff resignations and
concentrating on bidding for jobs out of Uganda. He further sent through emails
explaining to the staff the bad financial situation and offered hope to the
staff and urged them to give their all in the upcoming tenders. Emphasis was
given to promotion of internal staff in places of those that had resigned.
Departments were encouraged to partner with non-Ugandan firms to increase their
chances of winning and every department developed a pipe line of opportunities
shared with Mr. Rwamburara every Monday morning. A Chief of Staff was appointed
to champion staff issues, harmonise different departments and interface with management.
A management meeting was scheduled and attended every Tuesday morning. All
units started having monthly meeting complete with minutes and actions due.

By June 2016, 4 tenders had been won out of Uganda with
a total value of 800,000 USD. Salary earliers were cleared, and a new recruitment
drive commenced to replace the staff skills not available in-house. The total revenue
for 2016 was 2 Billion Shillings, an increase of 100%. Through negotiations,
the bank accepted to double the limit of the overdraft facility and salaries
are paid on time. Staff were trained on document preparation skills and the
winning rate increased form 20% in 2014 to 60% in 2016 for the bids submitted. The
salaries for all staff were revised upwards to reflect the increase in cost of
living and market trends. Priority has been given to internal staff where they
qualify and staff have been groomed and mentored for positions in the company
before they fall vacant. Turnover has reduced to just 5% last year compared to
33% in 2015 and former staff who had left have applied to come back and some
have been considered. The company continues to make great strides and aims to
leave a trail of satisfied customer for repeat business.

Therefore business managers should
be in position to detect challenges that face their organisations as these
affect the emotional stability of their staff leading to low performance. They
are also better suited to guide their organisations to safety than outsiders as
they know their industry and clients better and have experiences that if considered
can yield solutions internally.


Rwamburara was able to clear all outstanding
salaries, clear all loans, adjust staff salaries to market rates, reduce the staff
turnover rate, increase the hit rate for bids submitted and groomed and
mentored managers because he prioritized worker payments, created an
environment where staff were able to work together and empowered staff through
training and refresher courses to improve themselves and produce quality work.


purpose of the study is to examine the relationship between Time perspective,
Employee engagement, coping strategies, wellbeing and enabling a positive
working life.


Employee engagement

Time Perspective

Well being

Enabling a positive
working life

Coping strategies








In this conceptual framework, we are
predicting enabling a positive working life  

perspective leads to well-being.

engagement leads to wellbeing.

Strategies lead to wellbeing.

leads to Enabling a positive working life.



This section seeks to explain the
best practice through the following variables/ constructs: Emotional Courage,
collaborative team environment, emotional capital and social change

2.1 Time perspective

Many individuals focus on the past, present or the future.
Mindfulness requires us to focus on the now. Companies have staff that may look
far as visionaries or realists that concentrate on using the resources at hand.
Time perspective requires organisations to have a balanced view of all aspects.
Time management leads to time management which leads to healthier individuals
that lead to stress free employees.

Employee engagement

Employee engagement has a link to productivity. Employees
whose supervisors engage them have 3 times of being successful while those
neglected by their supervisors have no chance of success. It is also noted that
employees who receive feedback have a lower turnover rate than those with no
feedback at all.

2.3 Coping Strategies

Work life conflict occurs when
there is an imbalance between work and family time and roles. Therefore coping
strategies help balance family and work relations by maintaining, expanding the
resources available.


The organisations biggest asset is
people. The people’s main asset is health and wellbeing. The key
determinants of health and wellbeing at work are: good line management and
having a supportive team. These are particularly important currently, due to
the amount of change and often additional workloads that people have to take on
in the current climate. Everyone knows that good health and wellbeing produces
a wide range of benefits for those who enjoy them, but employers can benefit
too – happy, healthy employees are more likely to be present, motivated and


We notice that managers should put all current issues
and opportunities into time perspective. An opportunity available today may not
be available tomorrow and an opportunity not existing today may appear
tomorrow. We note that managers must engage their subordinates positively to
get the best out of them and that employees must balance work and family to
achieve a wellbeing state that will lead to an enabled positive working life.

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