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Primarily considered as the festival of farmers and Punjabis,
this festival is celebrated with great pomp and show in North Indian region. It
is a way to spread the joy of seeing the sparkling pearls of Rabi crops and Sesame seeds, Jaggery, Radish, Mustard and
Spinach amidst traditional folk songs, dance and food. It is a
thanksgiving festival to the Sun, Fire and Mother Earth and people pray to them
for their protection and prosperity.

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History behind Lohri celebration

stories related with Lohri are numerous, the most famous is the story
associated by Dulla Bhatti.

Bhatti was respected amongst the poor people as Robin Hood in the times of
Shehenshah Akbar as he used to plunder the rich community and distribute the
loot amongst the poor and needy

Customs and

The children of the house go from door to door, singing songs
in the praise of Dulla Bhatti and asking for Lohri loot items like sweets,
sugar, sesame seeds, jaggery and cow dung cakes.

In the evening, the people assemble in the ground, light the
bonfire.  All the loot which has been
collected from the people are put in the fire as the offering to demigods by
chanting their mantras and then the prasad or the remnants are distributed
amongst everyone.

People circumbulate the fire and assemble in the groups of
males and females and perform Bhangra and Gidda separately.


Puja Vidhi

It comprises of Shri Kalash
Sthapan, Shodashopchar Puja, Surya Dev, Agni Dev and Pritha Devi Puja, Sarva
Shanti Puja, Purnahuti, Homa and Visarjan.

Puja Samagri

The puja samagris includes

1.     Purified
Mango wood

2.     Sugarcane

3.     Kumkum

4.     Akshat

5.     Naivedya

6.     Gangajal

7.     Kalash

8.     Shriphal

9.     Havan

 Shodash Matrika

 Surya and Agni
yantra and so on..

Puja timings

This year, the Shubh Muhurat for
Lohri is after sunset on 13th January 2018 i.e. around 6 PM.




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