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Introduction Physical Therapy is in the top 10 happiest career pathways. A physical therapist helps patients with injured bones, muscles, etc., get back to full mobility or close to it. Physical Therapy is a very important field in health/health sciences. Physical therapists are often the key role in the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation for chronic diseases, injuries, or illnesses. Physical therapists make it so any person can conquer some of their biggest weaknesses. History of Career Physical Therapy has been around for centuries, although it started flourishing around1917, which was the time of World War 1. At the time, physical therapy was known as rehabilitation therapy. An organization first known as American Women’s Physical TherapeuticAssociation was formed in 1921. This group was led by President Mary McMillan and had 274charter members. Men were admitted in 1922 and the the name of the organization was changed toAmerican Physiotherapy Association. They created a ¨Code of Ethics¨ and the membership grewto almost 1,000.World War II really gave physical therapy its name. Injured soldiers needed therapy to assist with their injuries so they could get back to normal function. There was also a polio outbreak around the time of the war. Around the start of the 1950´s, physical therapy started being performed as a specialization. Certified therapists began performing therapy at home or at least outside of a health facility or hospital. Physical therapy became very diverse later on with practices such as cardiopulmonary therapy and skin therapy. Interesting People A woman by the name of Florence Kendall played a major role in the work of physical therapy education. She is the author of ¨Muscles: Testing and Function With Posture and Pain¨ , which is used very widely by professors. Another woman by the named Shirley Sahrmann, who is a professor of physical therapy at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, was extremely well known for her publications in physical therapy education. One man, Robin McKenzie, came up with the McKenzie Method of Diagnosis and Therapy. This method became a standard form of evaluation in physical therapy. The method was formed in the 1950’s. McKenzie also has many publications relating to the understanding the treatment of lower back dysfunction. There was a man known as Stanley Paris, who founded the University of St. Augustine, FL, in 1979.  Before that, he started teaching physical therapy in 1966. He was also a big supporter of mobilization/manipulation, doctoral degrees for physical therapists, and direct access for patients to physical therapy specialists. Responsibilities and Working Conditions One of the very first things a physical therapists can do, is construct a unique and individual plan for each patient. Within each plan, the therapist must determine goals, anticipated progress, and reevaluation. Even before that, they must perform an initial exam to identify the problem or problem area. Next, the therapist would diagnose. A physical therapist is required to get patient consent to perform the prepared therapeutic plan before the actual treatment begins. This includes using therapy equipment and other machines, workout methods, etc. During the process of the therapy, the physical therapist has to test and measure the strength of the patient, physically and mentally. A therapist can then prescribe work to be continued at home, after the injury or injured area is mostly/fully physically functioning and pain level has decreased. Degree or Training Typically a student majoring in physical therapy will go to school for a Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree (DPT). This degree is offered by most/all programs. Receiving a DPT usually takes about three years. Before pursuing a DPT, the student will most likely need a four year Bachelor’s degree. Whilst a student is earning a DPT, a physical therapist student will complete thirty weeks of clinical work. After acquiring a DPT, they can apply and therefore complete a clinical residency, which lasts approximately one year. A residency the advances onto a fellowship. High School Preparation There are many classes a student can take in highschool which will be beneficial in college and adulthood. First of all, proceed in taking difficult science classes such as biology, chemistry, physics, and anatomy. A person can also become involved in physically challenging sports. This includes dance, cheerleading, track, etc. These sports will teach someone about the strengths, limits, and vulnerability of bones and muscles. Also volunteering at a hospital or health care facility will be beneficial. Wages Going into physical therapy is a very good choice financially speaking. Generally the starting pay for a licensed physical therapist in Ohio is $62,900/year or $30/hr. The longer a person work for one employer or the more experience a person has, the higher their salary will be. The median pay is $85,210/yr which equals out to $41/hr. If someone has been a physical therapist for a long time (10-15 yrs +) and the better experienced they have, the pay will be very good. The top ten percent salaries for physical therapists is $122,130/yr or $55/hr.Growth Rate Physical therapy´s growth rate is one of the highest amongst others. The career is expected to grow 34% between 2014-2024. Physical therapy has been increasing since World War 1. The greatest increase occurred after/during World War II. Physical therapy is presumed to grow greatly due to newer generations graduating and the training or college education needed to become a certified physical therapist is easier to access. Schools to Attend The University of Delaware is one of the most successful colleges for its program in physical therapy. UDEL is accredited by CAPTE (The Commision on Accreditation in Physical Therapy). Their program offers a Masters degree in Science and Anatomy and Clinical Health Science. They also offer a residency program. The graduation rate is an extraordinary 100 percent. Another sumptuous choice is the University of Southern California (USC). They are the leader in physical therapy research and education. They also hold the title of the forefront of most significant educational advances in physical therapy. The program is ranked #1 in the country by US News and World Report. As well as UDEL, USC offers a residency program. The Ohio State University´s physical therapy program (DPT) is one of the best to take. Once again, OSU offers residency. OSU also offers a PhD degree. The college has on campus health care facilities for hands-on training. Additionally, Ohio State is known for it outstanding alumni support. The program requires service learning along with the standard classes.Conclusion Overall, physical therapy is an excellent career pathway to think about and possibly have a future in. Physical therapists are constantly helping people reshape their life. There are plenty of exceptional schools to attend that offer a very high education and beneficial life skills. The profession started centuries ago and is continuing to grow rapidly. Becoming a physical therapist will lead to a very successful and happy life. Being a physical therapist, a person will help treat some of a patient’s biggest and most powerful weaknesses.


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