INTRODUCTION: and emotional, depending on the product or


advertisements reach larger, more audiences in such a short time. They attract
attention and awareness well and provide general information about the brand
products or services. Now a day’s television is one of the strongest medium of
communication which communicates the information regarding the product or
service. The television is a mass media, which can influence the individual’s
behavior, life style and the living standard by cultural differences. Many
marketers of the big multinational companies to advertise their product to the
general public use.

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advertisements creates, builds and grows brands, it builds brand fame and keeps
brands alive in customer’s mind for such a long period. It is a powerful driver
to customers when introducing a new brand or product to the market. Television
advertising allows advertisers the flexibility to use various approaches and
different combinations of audio, video and text to make ads memorable and
emotional, depending on the product or service or on the targeted audience.
When comparing to other mediums, television advertising gets mass audience
coverage. Television advertising has been a popular medium for large retailers
from the time it began to appear in living rooms. It gives the advertisers an
opportunity to be creative and attach a personality to their business, which
can be particularly effective for small businesses that rely on repeat
customers. Television advertisements helps media buyers and sellers alike
understand each advertising campaign on a deeper level, by finding where
they’re falling, it is easy to optimize their campaign and reach their desired
goal. Television advertisement is the most influential media even there is no
acting of purchase the product still remains in our consciousness.


research is concerned with the measurement of advertisement effectiveness
(Chuawalla, Kumar, Sethia, Subramanian, & Suchak, 1995, p. 137). For many years,
research was not broadly carried out in advertising and “decisions were made on
an intuitive basis” (Wimmer & Dominick 2011, p. 381). However, with
emerging global market, increased competition and growing costs, advertisers
have come forward with planned and systemic ways relying on research as basic
management tool and now research has an advisory role in marketing management
(Tull & Hawkins, 1980, pp. 1-4). Although advertisers and marketers are
more concerned in identifying customers’ needs and demands for adopting
different strategies, but the advertisers are also serious to be acquainted
with the feedback of consumers whether their marketing techniques are effective
and related to purchasing patterns of consumers. Branding is one of the most
effective tools of modern marketing. Ideally, when customers notice a brand on
the shelf, they instantly get attracted to the promise made by the brand and
have confidence in its quality.  It is
obvious in respect of brand, advertisers concentrate strongly to be familiar
with the attitude of consumers— what kinds of people use the brand, why they
like a particular brand, whether they are influenced by TV advertising or not,
level of persuasion, which element of advertisement is more effective, do other
media affect on brand preference, does the income play a role in determining
advertisement effectiveness or not (Bovee & Arens, 1986, p. 178). A study
in Dhaka city in Bangladesh (Alam & basak, 2011 cited in Zakaria &
Akter, 2015) on the impact of advertisement on customers’ brand preference
shows that people notice advertisements regularly which adds to the awareness
of brand value, also customers prefer television.

another study, Kazemi and Esmaeili (2010) examined the influence of advertising
on consumers’ brand choice with reference to chocolate industry in India. The
findings represent that advertisements are the major source of awareness of
Cadbury Dairy Milk, while TV is the most effective medium. The study, through
the survey of 538 randomly selected consumers of Pune, examined the role played
by media on consumer brand choice of Cadbury Dairy Milk (chocolate brand).
Results revealed that 37.7% of the consumers prefer Cadbury Dairy Milk more
than other brands of chocolate and advertisement (52.6%) is the major cause for
this brand preference. TV advertising was most preferred by 78.8% of the
respondents of all the media used.

empirical research conducted by Singh (2012) on the impact of advertisement on
the brand preference of aerated drinks revealed that there was an effect of the
advertisements on the consumers as to the choice of their brand. According to
the study, for instance, there was a significant relationship between
advertisements and the choice of the brand. It also suggests that the most preferable
medium of advertisements is television followed by internet and outdoor media.
In addition, newspapers and radio have low rating as compared to other media.
There is immense impact of advertisements on consumers as 83% respondents said
that can recall the advertisements of the brands they prefer. This recall helps
them in decision making while making a purchase. Gathering experience from the
study the researcher opined that advertising is an important aspect of the
companies to promote their product, and generate sales. Likewise, it is also
important for the companies to know whether their advertisements are effective
or not concerning purchasing behavior of consumers.

reference to Coca-Cola, Michael (2012) critically analyzed the impact of media
on consumers’ brand preference regarding carbonated beverage market. The data
collected through the survey shows that brand preference exists in the
carbonated beverage market and the media efforts affect consumer preferences
and their brand choice. Out of eight different carbonated beverage brands which
included in the study, Coca-Cola ranked the top position as preferred brand in
carbonated beverage industry. According to this study, advertisement and taste
are the major factors resulting in the success of Coca Cola. It is evident that
advertisement is the major source of awareness of Coca-Cola and television is
the most effective medium as cited by most of the respondents.


objective of the study is to emphasis the tele-advertising effectiveness of
Amazon an E-commerce organisation. Through this we can also admire the different
opinions, taste and preference of advertisements on various brands from the
viewer’s side. As television have the properties of sight; sound and motion
that traditionally set, apart from other media such as radio (sound only) or
print (sight only). With its three-pronged assault on its viewer’s senses, TV
is able to create broad awareness for a brand/product. Television is considered
as a mass medium communication tool because of the numbers of people it
reaches. Television advertising can have a powerful influence on viewers to buy
their products.. The three key facts that we acknowledged are: 1) the recall
axis (cognitive factor) where a recalled campaign is considered to be
effective, 2) the image axis (emotional factors relating to a brand logo),
where the aim is that the campaign should be able to improve the image that
consumers have of the brand being advertised; and 3) the business axis (behavioural
factor), where the campaign is required to be able to increase the buying
intention of the product being advertised. Having realized the versatile effect
of T.V. advertising has not only on the purchasing pattern but also on the
total lifestyle of the customers a need was felt to study the impact of T.V.
advertisements on the buying behaviour of the customers.





present study was conducted among young customers in the age group of 18-25. A
sample of certain respondents was selected for the study. A self-designed
questionnaire was used for collecting the responses of the customers to
identify the influence of TV Advertisements. Along with the usual statistical
tools such as tables and percentage method were used for analysing the data and
arriving at the conclusion.



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