Introduction and always learning knowledge of this branch.


Tourism one of the most dynamically developing sphere of
business. Every year the tourist market becomes more and more effective,
quality of services better.  Level of
professional employees in tourism grows.

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The complexity and constantly changing specifics of tourism
do it necessary to study features of various tourist directions and always
learning knowledge of this branch.

This research method is about tourism in the direction of
Turkey. The main reason consists that now one of the countries which are most
visited by the Russian vacationers is Turkey. In Turkey a lot of natural resorts
combining in with low cost and high quality service. Popularity among Russians
of such tourist route, as the Mediterranean coast of Turkey — the number of
tourists are almost constant. Even the economic crisis hasn’t exerted a greater
influence on high quality and cheap hotels. At the same time the Ministry of
Culture and Tourism of Turkey gives statistics according to which among the
total number of the vacationers who has visited this country, the number of
Russians exceeds 10%. Turkey as the place of budget travel is more popular only
with residents of Germany in the summer: their number among all guests of the
country makes 16%.

The purpose of this work is studying of Turkey as one of the
most popular directions for the Russian tourists.


Tasks of this research:

1. To give the general tourist characteristic of Turkey.

2. To investigate the current state of tourist branch of

3. To study main types of tourism.

4. To analyse tourist statistics of Turkey for the last 5

5. To study features of tourism rating in this country.

6. To study features of a visa regime of Turkey for

7. To consider features of customs regulations between
Russia and Turkey.


In this work the following literature has been used:

Medvedenko M.Yu. “Technologies of outbound
tourism” where features of a turopereyting in Turkey, merits and demerits
of work of the Russian tour operators with the meet-companies are described.
The text of the book also contains information on charter programs and air
traffic between Russia and Turkey.

Voskresensky V. Yu “The international tourism”.
This edition contains information on the reasons of appeal of Turkey to
tourists, the general information on the country is provided and the most
popular resorts are briefly described. Also there is information on an economic
situation in Turkey and the place of tourism in national economy.


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