Introduction £19.5 Billion in year 2016. The virgin

Introduction of the company

Virgin group is
a multiracial corporation venture capital conglomerate company in the United
Kingdom. The group founded by most popular entrepreneurs Sir Richard Branson
and Nik Powell in year 1970. In later years’ virgin initiate their business as
a mail order record, and developed as a private sector company which as music
publishing and retailing.  The company
was floated on the stock exchange in 1986 with alone £250 million turnover.

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Virgin is one a largest private group
of companies in the United Kingdom. In year 2016 annum net worth estimated at £5-5.5
billion. Annual turnover £19.5 Billion in year 2016. The virgin group has over
300 branded companies and approximately 71,000 employees, operating in multinational
cultures through in the over 50 different countries in the worldwide. The group
main businesses as a diverse such as banking, books, commercial, aviation, spaceflight,
consumer, electronics, films, healthcare, internet, jewelry, mobile phones, music,
radio, retail and travel


Virgin group Wikipedia and

Figure: 01, Company wise, Sector wise business Model at
Virgin Group of Company

The virgin group is a highly diversified organization with
one of well-known brand in the worldwide.

The name virgin chosen to represent the idea of the company
being a virgin in every business it entered. Branson has said that: ‘The brand
is single most important assets that we have; our ultimate objective is
establishing is as a major global name. however, there are sign that Richard
Branson may be stepping back from virgin’s businesses to concentrate on
environmental and charity activities. This is causing concern about virgin’s
future, as it is strategy and business model are not widely understood.

Sir Richard Branson and Virgin brand name, with its unique
culture of management style with minimal hierarchy and management levels
(Grant, 2012). The Virgin group’s core competence is their Brand name. The
Brand name is difficult to imitate for its competitors. It has leveraged widely
in many products and markets. Competitive advantage has gaining by the group
among it is competitors by providing value added service and good value to the
consumer satisfaction.


established their first business in Seattle, Washington, on march, 1971, by
three partners who met while university period as a student the university of
San Francisco, one of English teacher Jerry Baldwin, one of history teacher Zev
Sieql and Gordon Bowker. They were inspired to sell high quality coffee beans
and equipment. They purchased green coffee beans by one of coffee roasting
entrepreneur Alfred Peet. In Later years then began buying directly from

 In later year in
1983, Howard Schultz has joined with the company, Schultz is a one of
entrepreneur and he felt that the company should focus to sell espresso drink
as well as coffee beans. Since the idea did not work, Schultz immediately start
his own company called II Giornale coffee bar in year 1985. In year 1987 the
original owners of Starbucks sold their chain to Schultz’s II Giornale. Schultz
changed own outlet to Starbucks chains and immediately start expanding. In
the resulting they expand, in year 1989, they owned 46 stores existed across
the Midwest and northwest of an America, Starbucks was roasting over 907,185
kilogram of coffee annually.

The company experienced rapid growth going public in 1992,
and growing tenfold by 1997, with locations around the United States, Japan and
Singapore. Starbucks also began expanding its brand. According to ‘George Garza’s
article The history of Starbucks the following product lines was added to:
Offering Starbucks coffee on United Airlines flights, Selling premium teas
through Starbucks’ own Tazo Tea Company, Using the Internet to offer people the
option to purchase Starbucks coffee online, Distributing whole bean and ground
coffee to supermarkets, Producing premium coffee ice cream with Dreyer’s and Selling
Compact Disk in Starbucks retail stores.

Starbucks uses mitigate advertising and expected grown on
word of mouth and brand recognition. According to Garza by 2004 Starbucks had
reached 1,344 locations. (Garza)

As a result of cooperate strategies at present Starbucks is own
by 6 continents and in expand 75 countries and territories, with a total of
23,768 number of locations by becoming second largest fast food chain of the


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