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Many active individuals tend to go out for a run or walk when they are feeling very depressed or stressed. They always come back with a beautiful smile and act optimistic. Has a runner ever told you they feel high after a run and they are free from any pains, discomfort, stress, or anxiety? Well it is true. Exercising has a way of improving individual’s emotional and physical strength. Exercise improves memory and treats depression. The theory behind exercise is the chemicals produced at the stage of exercising and how it boosts up our moods.

Exercising does not necessary mean being at the gym and killing yourself to show how strong or active you are. One can exercise at home or even at work. The act of exercising makes everyone happy regardless to the mood one was in before exercising. Many people might have never wondered why there is always a sudden change in mood after exercising but they sure enjoy the result. Scientist and psychologist have done several researches to find out the reason why we experience a sudden boost in mood after exercising.

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To further explain and understand the procedures and chemicals produce during exercise, one has to answer the following questions. 1. Why do people exercise? 2. How has exercising improved the physical and emotional health of individuals? 3. Why is exercise necessary? In answering these questions, one finds out that the process is very simple and easy than it actually appears, and the negative effects are very rare. Why do people exercise? Exercise is the act of performing any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness.

It is performed for various reasons including strengthening muscles, cardio vascular activities and many more. People around the world engage in all type of exercise. Some people are born to exercise; others are interesting in such activities, while the others love exploring and experiencing in different activities just to get out of something they tend to hate. People engage in such activity to be happy. They sometimes want to get away from some emotional stress and exercising creates the perfect chemicals which put them in a very comfortable and exciting mood.

(Saroyan, 2012). A time spent exercise is also a vacation from work and all the drama surrounding each individual. The happy magazine wrote an article about exercising. Exercise improves conditions related to stress and anxiety (Saroyan, 2012). Our body produces endorphins when we exercise which process through the body and boots up the brain. How has exercising improved the physical and emotional health of individuals? A typical chemical exercise produce is endorphins. One of the most exciting changes that exercise causes is neurogenesis, or the creation of new neurons.

Endorphins are the body natural feels good chemicals which boost up individuals mood naturally. Endorphins are defined as hormone-like substances that are produced in the brain and function as the body’s natural painkillers. Endorphins are neurochemicals produce during exercise, releasing for keys effects on the body which release pain, reduce stress, anxiety, enhancing the immune system and post ponding the aging process. Exercising improves the emotional health of individuals due to the chemical it produce in our body.

It raises the mood of individuals within ten minute of activity. Exercise engages neurons in the brain, just like it engages muscles in the body. That raises the brain’s stress threshold. Dr. Ratey says. “People who exercise regularly don’t respond as dramatically to stress as no exercisers do. Their heart rate doesn’t shoot up as high, and their mood doesn’t sink as low” (Ginny, 2012). Exercise makes individuals physically strong and reduces fatigue. Moreover, Research has shown that exercise is an effective but often underused treatment for mild to moderate depression.

Exercise has changed a lot of people lives by turning them into very optimistic individuals. Why is exercise necessary? Ginny (2012) explained why exercise is an important requirement our body needs to stay stronger and active. She stated each individual need the ability to be happy and release stress, exercising is a great tool and starts to help individuals retrain from anxiety and emotional disorders. Most people exercise to release stress. Some people exercise to gain strength. Exercise is necessary for individual health.

Many people exercise to gain the maximum strength and be physically boosted with energy. Exercising keeps one focus on tasks and eliminates distractions. Ginny (2012) gave an example about what exercise did to one of her student. She said towards the end of the semester, one of her student cat died leading into the feeling of loneliness, but working out consistently kept her focus and active. She became happier than ever and also lost 14pounds. Moreover, exercising made her very confident. Exercising is one of the body’s natural sources of happiness.

It makes one look younger than their actual age and also extends the life span of an individual. Furthermore, exercising keeps us healthy and stronger at all time. There might be several way to be happy, but the most easiest and non-payable method is to exercise. The body’s only one way to cheer you up without spending numerous amount of money. References Graves, G. (2012, Why exercise will make you happy. Self, 34, 134-n/a. Retrieved from http://search. proquest. com/docview/1021206617? accountid=44564 Saroyan, Celine. “An Exercise in Happiness. ” The Happy Magazine. 20 Jan. 2012. Web. 26 Nov. 2012.


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