India collar workers and lack of skilled workers

India have embarked
upon a trajectory of rapid economic growth and skilled development is touted as
the big game changer. Division between India and Bharat persists but evolution
of technology is bridging the gap very rapidly. Traditional methods of recruitment had restriction
on career level, geography, industry or other parameters whilst online
recruitment portals have current and active talent databases which cover all
career levels, industries and regions. Digitalization made us left untapped the blue-collar segment.
Nevertheless, Quikr’s missed call service enhanced a larger talent pool
available to recruiters for entry-level, blue collar as well as white collar
lateral hires. Quikr jobs revolutionized the recruitment landscape with
an aim to bridge the gap between Bharat and India. The aim of the platform is to enhance candidate’s job prospects by
providing a solution that gives speed and specificity.


Blue collar fields are desperate for talented workers but
apprenticeship and training programmes are equally important to educate and
train potential employees. Hence, providing jobs to drivers, delivery boys, tele callers, maids, receptionists etc. should
be with an assurance of no compromise and no exploitation to job seekers. The
blue- collar industry is largely unorganized with niche players (manpower
consultants / freelancers) that cater to hiring of specific roles only. However,
blue collar recruiters face massive challenges in recruiting due to lack of
consultants who provide skilled blue- collar workers and lack of skilled
workers as per requirement. Attrition at work level is also high in this
sector. The other challenge is because this is a niche space, it is difficult
to find a range of talent to choose from. If a client is looking to hire a
couple of front office executives, then he will have to reach out to several
consultants & job boards to find a wider range of talent across different
salaries before shortlisting them. Businesses hiring for roles like
Electricians, Plumbers etc. reply largely on word of mouth (referrals) since
they are not aware of any company who can cater to such niche roles.

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Earlier, there were no digital tools to connect informal
job seeker and employers. Online job portals found a scalable way to connect
millions in the informal sector to better jobs. With an increasing number of startups emerging, there is a
huge demand for young and qualified talents,
which triggers opportunities for freshers and
experienced candidates at all levels. Quikr Jobs identified,
and matched relevant skills required by companies. This is the best possible way
therefore helping them to achieve their hiring goals sooner and more
efficiently. Further, it will revolutionize the recruitment landscape for
employers and consultants which will be a win-win situation for both when it
comes to hiring. A large enterprise client would have to reach out to
multiple consultants to backfill hiring for positions like Security guards,
Housekeeping, Drivers etc.

India is the youngest country with 65%
of the population below 35 years of age and the government is going all out to
ensure it delivers on the promise of creating 1 crore jobs by 2020. An array of
skill development initiatives for the betterment of country was launched by our
Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. Modi announced launching of 31 ‘Pradhan
Mantri Kaushal Kendra’s’ (PMKK). ‘Ministry of skill development and
Entrepreneurship’ (MSDE) has plans to open one PMKK in each district of the
country to create growth opportunities. Prime Minister had also shown concern
about the training of drivers and signed MOU with Ola cabs. ‘National
Apprentice Promotion Scheme’ was also announced by Prime Minister where the
state government will play a major role in its successful implementation. Apprenticeship
training will benefit this sector and will bridge the gap between potential
employee and employer.

The market has changed drastically for
blue collar industry as there is a growing demand of skills. Career growth,
training and welfare scheme should be enhanced to ensure that workers continue
to associate with the company. E-cruitment hiring is on average 70% faster than
the traditional hiring. Recruiting cycle is speeded up every fraction of second
from posting to receiving CVs to filtering to managing the contacts and
workflow. Over the years, Quikr Jobs has gained credibility amongst the
blue-collared brethren, as the portal has constantly strived towards achieving
job seeker satisfaction and upgraded consumer lifestyle.  



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