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#include using namespace std;int main(){ cout<<"How much processes you need to demonstrate: Please enter the number: "<>Total_Processes; cout<<"Please enter the burst times for each processes: "<>BurstTimei0;  BurstTimei1=BurstTimei0;   //subtracting theburst time   BurstTimei2=0;   //waiting times  BurstTimei3=0;   //turn around times  BurstTimei4=0;   //information about the processes that whether processes or completed or not? } int time=0; cout<<"Please enter the time quantum: "<>time; cout<time)    {     BurstTimei1-=time;     for(int j =0;j

  • Summary:- byte range. The Remote procedure call is
  • Nuclear protein ligand /protein interactions and the dynamics
  • 1 as it is hard to include all
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