Incarceration influenced by adult criminals instead being reformed

refers to put or keep someone
in prison or in a place used as a prison.1 The minimum age of criminal responsibility
depends upon the relative maturity of
the child within certain defined principles like doli incapax: Deemed
incapable of forming the intent to commit a crime or tort, especially by reason
of age (under ten years old).2

The question looming over
all is why in the first place we allow our prisons
to be such violent places. We
seem to be complacent about the idea that someone going into prison is allowed
to be a predator and that others will be forced to be its food. People make
jokes about prisoners being subjected to sexual and other violent assault. Our
prisons are a national disgrace. But
this is all parts and parcel of our
rotting infrastructure and rotting political system. Our nation is in
crisis, our prisons and our rates of incarceration, and our hideous lengths of
sentences are just one more example of the collapse of our nation, the prison
guards, even the administration
perpetuates systematic violence by endorsing criminality and punishing
those who sought to truly become better people.

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 Juvenile offenders are kept in such conditions,
to make matters worse most of the juvenile offenders are completely unaware of
law and procedures of the justice system, lack
of awareness is one of the biggest factor that gives opportunity to others
to exploit these young minds which are very immature and easily get influenced
by adult criminals instead being reformed in these prisons.

Of course punishment is
meant to be a deterrent, for the one punished and as an example to others who
might think twice before committing the same crimes. But the offender,
especially the juvenile should be kept in rehabilitation center not prison,
because the principal that is followed while sentencing people is of penal proportionality that is, the
extent to which people are punished should be in accordance to the degree of
responsibility they had for the crime. This
is why people who commit premeditated crimes are punished more harshly than the
ones who committed it in heat of the moment. As the juveniles are more incautious, and more gullible than what adults are,
so less responsible and hence deserve less harsher punishment. The justice system should perform
balancing  mechanism that is protecting
the human rights of children by saving them from the baneful effects of prisons, on the other and  justice to 
the victims who have find no solace from juvenile justice system.

1  Cambridge,Dictionary, /English(incarcerate).

2 Oxford /
definition/(doli incapax).


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