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the domain of IT certifications, Cisco certifications hold a special position;
the courses with their widely accepted credentials are always in demand. In our
previous two articles we have explained what Cisco certification is all about.
The types of certifications that one can earn and the criteria for attaining
the same have been discussed at length. After having clarity on what the
certifications can do to boost your career and your pay, I am sure the next step
now would be to get started with the preparation. In this article we would
throw light on the things that one needs to keep in their mind while preparing
for the tests, the best training courses and other valuable tips. Through this
article we would site names of online sites which are they best when it comes
to training courses for CCNA, CCNP, CCDA, CCIE, CCENT  etc. Web resources that are available on-line
make it very convenient for the aspiring students to get an access to the
important study materials sitting in their offices or home. This saves time and
energy. On the basis of the available resources they can make a road map for
themselves and devote time to the various exercises that needs to be taken care
of while preparing for the certifications. The names of the sites have been
suggested after having interviewed successful candidates about their
preferences. However this can just be treated as a guideline or a groundwork
that we have intended to perform in order to motivate the enthusiast candidates.

Let us
start with CCNA , for CCNA the best method of preparation would be to undertake
the training that is approved by Cisco. As part of the training

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 Interconnecting Cisco Networking
Devices Part 1 (ICND1) helps in developing the elementary knowledge concerning the
network layers 1- 3 which are essential in case of core routing and switching
and paves way to a much higher level of technology. The next level would be the
Interconnecting Cisco Networking
Devices Part 2 (ICND2) . Here one gets to learn and hone the skill sets related to installation,
configuration, operation, and troubleshooting a small enterprise network. The
third level would be the Interconnecting Cisco Networking
Devices: Accelerated (CCNAX)

This is a complete
course originating from ICND1 and ICND2 content amalgamated together and transformed
into an encapsulated five day training schedule. is a very popular
website which caters to the needs of candidates who wish to appear for the
certifications. The site provides access to study materials and guides that can
be used for the preparation. The website is very user-friendly and has links to
all relevant topics which makes it convenient for the candidates to have a
clear overview of the is another very good site which
contains study materials along with video lectures that enables students to
have an easy and comprehensive understating of the study is dedicated to resources and study materials
which deal with the CCNA lab. This site also conducts many mock tests which
prepares the students for the final test and makes them competent of the time
management as well. also offer sample question papers for practice.
The added advantage here is that the website also provides a complete answer to
the question papers on submission of the test papers which helps the students
understand the areas where they need to give more effort.


the Udemy academy is a good option for the training needs. The course has been
designed keeping in mind the latest requirements of the tests. The add on of
the course is the complete access that the candidates get to the entire course,
they can even download the modules. They ensure that the registered candidates
get to view the videos as and when they want. They also have an interaction
forum where all doubts of the students are being addressed by the faculty. In
comparison to other training institutes Udemy offers the courses at a much
competitive rate too.


certification lets you have the ability to design a campus network or wireless
network. It can upgrade your skill sets that are required to design the
fundamental networks. For CCDA preparation CBT nuggets have wonderful online
courses. The courses aim at topics like network characteristics, network
management protocols, binary, and subnet masks. It is always advisable to take
the free trial classes before getting enrolled for the complete course.

Apart from all
the web sites mentioned, one can always refer to the most versatile and authentic
of all sites which are the . This website
is a complete guide for the students. The training courses are made available
to the candidates through a range of available product and technology training
guideline. Further, there are also options for selecting the delivery process
which is apt for the candidate as per their convenience.

In today’s
digital world where everything is available at the click of the computer mouse
and online communities is the biggest boon in this regard. Once we have enough
resources to study and prepare, simultaneously we should also look at
networking. The Cisco learning network is the biggest community when it comes
to discussions related to Cisco certifications; the forum is professionally
managed and is a knowledge store house for its members. The Cisco learning
network store is thus ( a one stop
solution for all online materials.  It boasts of a vast collection of valuable
certification study tools, practice tests, and specialized learning material.
By being part of the prestigious Cisco learning network, candidates can stay
connected with other aspirants as well as with the industry experts; they can
explore the various certification paths. They can have a look at the exam topics;
access the study materials and other training videos and seminars. There would
be plenty of opportunity regarding interaction with the professionals; the
forum can be used to initiate relevant discussions etc. Students can get the
mentoring and counseling that is needed from this forum as well.


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