In were experimented for Chlamydia trachomatis and Neiseseria

In biodiversity,prokaryotes is the not true distinct nucleus organisms and the Kingdom Monera is one of it.Many years ago, convoluted structure was the substructure of classification of organisms.All bacteria was classified as Kingdom Monera in the five kingdom classification (Robert Whittaker,1969).Monera are studied as the most primordial group of organisms. Bacteria and blue-green algae is including in Kingdom Monera.The most abundant of all organisms is Monera, due to their adaptability of their habitat. Bacteria,which are the single-celled organism where include in Kingdom Monera(Carl Woese,1977). In Kingdom Monera,the microorganisms are considered as the most ancient living that live on earth. It can be divided into two specific groups,which is Archaebacteria,which is E.Coli and Eubacteria,which is Sulfolobus sp. ,and prokaryotes are all the organism in this kingdom. These organisms doesn’t have nuclear membrane, lack membrane bound cellular organelles and the chromosome is a single and circular. This kingdom such as bacteria,  mycoplasma and cyanobacteria and all of these unicellular organisms doesn’t have specific mode of nutrition.Prokaryote’s cell wall is made up of peptidoglycans. The cell organelles are not membrane bound and cell organelles such as endoplasmic reticulum and mitochondria are not present. They can reproduce by spore formation and also binary fission.Some bacteria are pathogenic,which is the bacteria that can harm the human being and cause the infectious diseases to the patient.The are a few pathogenic bacteria such as Neisseria gonorrhoeae,Vibro cholera and Salmonella sp.In the United States,the most commonly reported disease is Neisseria gonorrhoeae,which is infect 40% to 50% of women’s cervix are asymptomatic.The probability of men with asymptomatic urogential infectious is less compared to the women.To investigate the pervasiveness and potential risk factors for disease,Non-health care-seeking male United States Army recruits were experimented for Chlamydia trachomatis and Neiseseria gonorrhoeae by using a urine ligase chain reaction test.


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