In twenty-nine years (90% of the sample was

the article, Alcohol Consumption and Sexual Activity as Reported with
a Diary Technique, we are presented with studies regarding a person’s
personality traits and the stubborn assumption that there are pervasive. The
author of this article is Barbara C. Leigh.  This study showed the relationship of alcohol
consumption to sexual behavior by way of within-subject’s analyses of data from
99 men and women who kept daily diaries of drinking and sexual events over a
10-week period. Alcohol consumption was linked with a general reduction of
sexual activity, with no effects on the occurrence of sexual behaviors that are
risky in terms of AIDS transmission.

this experiment, participants were one hundred and eighteen people in the San
Francisco Bay area who responded to magazine advertisements. 1 Ninety-nine
people completed the entire study: thirty-seven heterosexual women, seven teen
lesbians, thirty heterosexual men, and fifteen gay men. The age of the
participants ranged from eighteen to sixty years, with a mean age of twenty-nine
years (90% of the sample was forty or under). The sample was mainly White (85%)
and well-educated (93%) had had some college education, and 57% were college
graduates). The procedure for this experiment was as follows: Participants had a
first meeting with an experimental interviewer, at which they were given a
10-week supply of log books and 10 stamped envelopes addressed to the project
office. They were instructed to fill out the logs daily and to send a completed
log book to the project office at the end of each week.

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log book contained 7 days’ worth of drinking and sexual activities logs. The
drinking log included space for four different drinking episodes. Participants
were asked to record the time each episode began and ended, and the amount of
beer, wine, and liquor consumed. For the results, it showed us that individuals
who drank alcohol before sexual intercourse were more likely to engage in
unsafe sex. Participants who were heavy drinkers were also more likely to have
many sexual partners. One future research suggestion I have is the ability to
show how alcohol has affected communities of diverse backgrounds in different geographic
areas in the United States. Stores that sell hard liquors are often founded in minority
communities, especially African-American communities. This gives alcohol access
to the youth in some cases. Another factor is the placement of gun stores in
minority communities along with these liquor stores. This combination has led
to an increase amount of violence within these communities. Such violence has caused
many deaths over many years. A good research proposal could be the comparison
of alcohol consumption in affluent suburb areas versus the ones in poorer




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