In transmitted infection. I will also be exploring

In this assignment, I will be discussing sexual health in
the United States, New Mexico and England the purpose of this assignment is to
explore the schooling system in the United States and England and compare the
two together, in particular, Sex-Education and explore if the approaches used
to educate children are successful. I will be looking at the way that the United
States of America handles sex education in school and I will also be looking at
the way the United Kingdom handles sex education in school. I will be looking
closely at the teen pregnancies in both these countries and I will be comparing
the two. Sex education is a very important part of the schooling system and
that all schools should educate their pupils in sex education relationship education
and sexually transmitted infection. I will also be exploring the effectiveness
of both countries when it comes to teaching the younger generation sex
education. The information I have gathered throughout this is from reliable
sources that I have researched. In my personal opinion, I believe that teaching
sex education is very important and something that all young people need to
know I feel as though it should be compulsory and parents should not have the
option to pull children out of classes when they are being taught sex
education. Sex education is helping prepare young people for their future to
make sure that young people are aware and understand so in the future they can
avoid things like being taken advantage of.


New Mexico is in the United States and home to 2,059,179
people New Mexico is the 37th largest division in the United States in terms of
population. New Mexico State has the highest rates of teen pregnancy in the
nation in 2008 according to a report from Guttmacher Institute. New Mexico
having the highest rate of teen pregnancy means that the state of New Mexico is
not educating schools enough when it comes to sex education the state of New
Mexico also has low rates of contraception use among teens. Educating teens
about sex and contraception is very important as most teenagers are exposed to
sexual things. New Mexico, in fact, has sex education in all public schools
however contraception use is lower for New Mexico high school students at 60.5
percent compared to 75 percent nationally. Although new Mexico state has the
highest rates of teen pregnancy in the united states there has been a decline
in teen pregnancy in the united states of America and this is believed to be
because of more contraceptive use according to Guttmacher in the united states
birth control use is almost up to 47 percent of sexually active teens, while
teens use of condoms and other hormonal contraception rose from nearly 16
percent to 23 percent in the recent years

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In the united kingdom sex education is a compulsory subject
from year 7 onwards and sex and relationship education is compulsory from aged
11 onwards this educates children about the reproduction system, sexuality and
sexual health it does not promote sexual activity and parents are free to
withdraw their children from this but some parts of sex and relationship
education is compulsory and apart from the national curriculum for science.
Teen pregnancy rates in England and Wales have almost halved in the last eight
years. In 2015 there were 20,351 girls under the age of 18 according to the
office for national statistics which is down almost 10 per cent from the
previous year. Compared to New Mexico’s teen pregnancy rates the rates in
England are significantly lower. The great reduction of teen pregnancy rates in
the UK is believed to be due to the health and education professionals.

Educating teens about sexual health is very important,
teaching sex and relationship education to teens could prevent them from early
pregnancy and sexual exploitation. Nowadays the internet is widely available
for teenagers to access children accessing things like porn can delude them
into thinking that porn is real and that is what sex is supposed to be like.
Teaching young people about relationships could help them in the future and
give them an understanding of what a real relationship is like this is
important because young people often start to explore relationships in their
teenage years and educating teenagers about this topic could possibly prevent a
young person being involved in a toxic relationship. Educating young people
about relationships is just as important as educating them about contraception
and sexual health making sure that young people are aware and understand what a
relationship is could really be beneficial in their future. Learning about STIs
is extremely important because teaching children about STIs could prevent
students from future encounters with sexually transmitted infections.

In the United States sex education is taught in two main
forms comprehensive sex education and abstinence-only. These two approaches
teach adolescents about human sexuality, the age of consent and the
availability of contraception and some helpful techniques to avoid contraction
of sexually transmitted infections. Although sexual education is taught in
American schools it is believed that the sexual education being taught is
inaccurate according to statistics. 24 states and the District of Columbia
require that public schools teach sex education 20 states in the United States
require that if they are providing sex and HIV education then the information
they are teaching must be medical, factually or technically accurate. The
united states of America interpretation of the definition of medically accurate
vary, from requiring that the department of health review curriculum be based
on information from published authorities upon which medical professionals
rely. 33 states and the District of Columbia require public students receive
instruction about HIV/AIDS. Many states in the united states of America define parents’
rights concerning sexual education for example 38 states and the District of
Columbia require school districts to allow parental involvement in sexual
education programs four states require parental consent before any child can
receive instruction. 35 states and the District of Columbia allow parents to
opt out on behalf of their children but they are advised to allow their
children to take part in these studies as it will be very important in the

More teenager females in the United States and United
Kingdom become pregnant than anywhere else in the developed world according to
a report, this is because they are poorly prepared for life in a modern and
sexualized society. The united states have topped a table of teenage pregnancy
rates put together by Unicef’s innocent research centre in Italy which had
looked at births among teenagers in 28 of the world’s wealthiest nations.
Altogether in the United States of America 52 out of every 1000 girls aged
between the ages of 15 and 19 gave birth while in the United Kingdom topped the
list in the whole of Europe and came second overall with just over 30 births in
1000 teenagers. Both the united states at the united kingdom are both
embarrassed and secretive when it comes to their sexual education and
contraceptive services they are embarrassed because of the statistics pointing
out that they do not give enough support and teaching when it comes to this
topic being developed and wealthy countries both the united states of America
and the united kingdom do not do enough for the young community. Making young
people aware of sex and relationships could equip them for the future as they
grow into adulthood young people have a right to know information that will
keep them safe,

In the PISA 2015 the United Kingdom came at number 15 on
this list of performances in science, reading and mathematics the United States
came in at number 25 which is significantly low for a developed and wealthy
country. PISA assesses the extent to which 15 year old students that are coming
towards the end of their compulsory education have acquired key skills and knowledge
that are necessary for full participation in modern society. The PISA assessment
focuses on the core school subjects such as mathematics, reading and science. The
findings of PISA allows policy makers around the world to gauge the knowledge
and skills of students in their own countries in comparison with those in other
countries around the world, countries can learn from other countries policy and
practise applied elsewhere, when it comes to equality in education the united
kingdom came in at number 15 and the united states of America came in and a
shocking number 25. From a report released by the United States department of
education releases a glance at the extent of racial inequality plaguing the
nations education system the report found that native Americans, black and
Latino students have less entrance to advance science and maths courses and
that they are more likely to be taught by less qualified teachers and
instructors then white students. Latino and black students are also expelled
and suspended at disproportionate rates. For the very first time in history the
education department also inspected different schools discipline at the pre-kindergarten
level and their findings were that black students as young as four years old
are were already facing unequal treatment from school teachers and administrators.
Black students in general that are of any age are suspend or expelled at triple
the rate of their white peers according to the United States  education department. The United States of
Americas Education Department also released data analysing inequality in
schools all over the United States analysing inequality in school discipline,
early learning, and college readiness and teacher equity. The department of education’s
civil rights survey examined all 97’000 public schools in the United States of America
representing 49 million students. In the United Kingdom according to a report
funded by the society for educational studies (SES) black Caribbean students
are the lowest achieving students out of all the main ethic groups. It is safe
to say that both in the United Kingdom and the united of America there is a
diverse amount of people that come from all different backgrounds but this does
not stop racism. Racism is something that has been going on for years before
our existence and something that continues to go on today. From my own personal
experience I have felt racism in school growing up in the United Kingdom it is
something that really discouraged me growing up I have felt racism from both my
peers and my teachers. I personally feel as though not enough is being done in today’s
society to put a stop to this.

In conclusion New Mexico and England seem to be worlds away
but they are both global north countries. When it comes to sex education the
two countries use different approaches to teach their students. More teenage
girls in the United Kingdom and the United States of America become pregnant
the anywhere else in the developed world. By tackling the ongoing teen births
in both the United Kingdom and the United States of America both the governments
in both countries have a chance to tackle poverty and its perpetuation from one
generation. From my personal point of view I believe that both the United
States of America and the United Kingdom do not put enough emphasis on educating
students when it comes to sex education from my own experience of  


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