In This study distinctively examines Alibaba Group’s CSR

In the recent past, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) standards in businesses are amongst the pathways for environmental protection which is a practice of protecting the natural environment on individual, organization controlled on governmental levels, for the benefit of both the environment and humans. Globally, businesses draw plans to incorporate environmental activities to prevent the future negative externalities (Madsen &Ulhoi, 2001; Bu, Liu, Wagner &Yu, 2013). Companies implement standards to benefit society (Lund-Thomsen, 2013; Mueller, dos Santos & Seuring, 2009).

Ingenbleek, Binnekamp, & Goddijn 2007 define CSR standards formulation as an appropriate code of conduct that requires members to seek voluntary approval from authorization agents to protect employees and communities.  

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The fundamental concept of CSR standards in businesses starts with questions to define responsibilities of stakeholders in organizations. Ethical decisions and CSR bore out of philosophical context are then designed from these questions (Weiss, 2014). Though very discrete, a CSR standard on environment protection is an old phenomenon, companies seemingly push voluntary CSR plans to be accepted by society (Dzindo, 2015).

The study, however, focuses on a compelling need for relevant CRS standards formulation for the transformation of China (Li & Foo 2016; Bu, Liu, Wagner &Yu, 2013).

This study distinctively examines Alibaba Group’s CSR standards formulation on environmental protection. Alibaba Group conceptualizes the internet as a playing field for small-scale firms to control innovations and grow domestic economies effectively. Statistically, in 2014, China witnessed a cross-border GMV of RMB 4.2 trillion, accounting for 14.9% total foreign trade volume of China which is higher than Germany’s Gross Domestic Product. Alibaba Group serves two billion global consumers to buy products online, hence facilitating the realization of their global strategic vision of “Global Buy, Global Sell” (Alibaba Group’s CSR report 2014-2015).


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