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   In this epic adventure into the world of dinosaurs, the classic Disney arc helped Arlo become independent and learn how to survive in the real world.The Good Dinosaur is not just a story about learning responsibility, the adventures in life and learning how to grow up, but also about making friends, discovering yourself, and learning to face your fears.    The arc of losing a parent all begins when Arlo dad dies because of Arlo’s inability to kill the caveboy who has been eating from their silo.In an attempt to save themselves and their family his dad, Henry, has Arlo accompany him to track the caveboy through a gorge where it begins to rain. Just moments after Arlo injures himself, his dad Henry, feels remorseful for how he was furious at Arlo and realizes what his compulsion  with catching the caveboy has  led to,but just as  they  decide to turn back   a deluge  occurs and a massive storm appears, but as they try to escape  Henry is only able to save Arlo before he is swept away and killed.During this period of the movie, Arlo doesn’t learn many things but knows how it feels not to have a parent. In most of this scene I saw lots of examples of squatch and stretch, and color, like when his dad his taken away by the storm and when he and his dad are chasing the fireflies.     Not long after, he sees the boy again but this time inside the silo eating his family’s food and starts blaming the cave boy for the death of his father; Again he chases after the boy and doesn’t realize the river and falls In.Days later, after Arlo has been separated from his family he wakes up ashore and has been attacked by Thunderclap and his gang when trying to save the Spot’s from them,In an attempt to save spot he risks his own life , and tries to fight his gang but ends up falling off and passing out,moments later Henry appears in Arlo’s vision of leading him away and back toward home, but Arlo admits his tight bond with Spot and resolves to save him, which makes his father happy  before he fades away.This paragraph represents many scenes which means it also has lots of elements and principles of art and design and the principles of Animation. What I really liked is how in one of the particular scenes they kind of combined a lot of the elements like proportion, color, and movement. Arlo learns many things during the sequence of events after his father’s death, like the importance of friendship, and how to conquer your fears.For example, like the part when Arlo meets the dinosaurs and they help him find Clawtooth mountain.   In conclusion, not only does Arlo learn life without a parent but learns it without both.Which forces him to grow up and learn responsibilities of life, but the biggest things he learns is from his unlikely friend Spot who teaches Arlo that fear has nothing to do with size and that sometimes the only way to get home is to go through your fears.


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