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In the history of British literature, Aldous Huxley became one of the most influential and astonishing authors to date. Huxley was born in 1894, and would later be exposed to the arts of science and literature through his family. When he faced the deaths of his mother and brother during his early years, darkness and abandonment filled his life. Enduring through many hardships at an early age, Huxley began focusing on his growing desire to study science. There were in fact many scientists within Huxley’s family tree, including his grandfather T.H. Huxley, who was a biologist (Aliprandini 1). Huxley continued to pursue science in college in hopes of having a career similar to his grandfather’s. While attending Eton college, Huxley would face another troubling obstacle. An eye infection altered his vision for around a year. This gave him no hopes of enlisting into the military during WWI. Huxley’s love for science also had to come to an end because of his vision. Luckily,  he dove into the studies of literature and excelled as an early writer. Although Huxley had to change the career he pursued, he added to his family’s line of writers and would discover his potential with writing. After college, Huxley married Maria Nys and had one son with her. During this time, Huxley focused much of his time to writing and several other duties at jobs. His literature gifts were revealed to Chatto and Windus, one of the companies he worked for. Interested in Huxley’s talents, Chatto and Windus eventually gave him a three year contract to begin his own original writings. Knowing it was a rewarding opportunity, Huxley eventually accepted the offer.   Soon after the deal was made, Huxley decided to move to Italy to broaden his horizons in the writing industry. As Huxley became more exposed to the arts of literature, he started collaborating with many prestigious writers of his time. Writers including Virginia Woolf and Bertrand Russell helped Huxley advance as a writer and gain a deeper insight on how to develop successful works. Huxley began writing novels, some of which include Crome Yellow, Point Counter Point, and Brave New World. His career as a writer was a massive success, giving him more attention than ever before in the writing industry. Crome Yellow was one of Huxley’s first books that introduced him to the world of readers and writers. As written and published in the nineteen twenties, Crome Yellow centers on the British society and how they are affected as a whole during WWI and sometime afterwards. Due to the drastic effects the war brought on their society, the people planned to rebuild on what they lost and forget about the war ever existing. Point Counter Point had more psychological themes to it, one of which includes how human beings cannot feel another’s emotions or fully comprehend their thoughts. Huxley illustrated in this book that this kind of reality creates disproportionate connections between people, eventually leading to separation (Izzo, 17). Brave New World was one of Huxley’s most unique writings, and was also his first book to feature a storyline. In the book, the storyline revolves around a dystopian reality where people obtain only synthetic happiness in order to maintain control and peace within the World State. Perhaps out of all his works, Huxley’s Brave New World relates the most to the real world today. With several deaths, almost full blindness, and a multitude of other circumstances Huxley has faced in his life, Brave New World illustrates that pain and the trials he faced. Characters in the Brave New World storyline are named after real people Huxley had known about in the real world, including Karl Marx, John B. Watson, and Vladimir Lenin. Huxley knew that the various people referred to in Brave New World might have had significant roles in changing the course of society. He attempts to show readers the reality of sex with no relationships, using drugs to feel happy, and evolutionary science methods to keep everything balanced. Brave New World has not only made people realize the world is somewhat similar to that, but also that happiness does not stem from the temporary pleasures of the world. Huxley’s journey as a writer has made him one of the most revolutionary British authors known today. From all the marvelous projects Huxley has completed, his own life experiences implemented into Brave New World continue to shape new ideas in readers and prove to them that fulfillment in life does not come from earthly satisfactions.


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