In the name of Allah SWT the most

In the name of Allah SWT the most
gracious, the most merciful. The gratitude I prayed to Allah SWT that papers on
Sustainable Development Goals of Tahapan Persiapan Bersama (TPB) subject
English and citizenship can be completed in a timely manner.

This paper I created on the basis
of honest and sincere in the consciously as the basis of assessment related
subjects and a new learning for me personally in increasing love for knowledge.

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Hopefully this paper we can draw
useful lessons for our lives because the science will be a blessing, although
only slightly.

I admit that this paper is far from
perfect but I try to give my best in making this paper, for the team of
assessors and other readers beg constructive criticism and suggestions on this
paper for me to make the paper better in the future.





12, 2018









is very important, fundamental and mandatory for all humans to enjoy it.Education
should be evenly distributed to achieve the purpose of the state to have an
intelligent citizen and insightful. As well as in order to maintain the
existence of a country in the world.

importance of education is to make that education is capital for us to survive
in this era, which is different from the past, which now all uses the latest
technology in every activity of both the activity in small areas such as family
or neighbourhood such large as schools and work (industry).

of use and technological progress should be encouraged with the progress of
human resources for creativity in human beings to realize it.Therefore, the
need for citizens to get a decent and equitable education so that the
development of technology and the state can continue.

 Formulation of the

What is the condition of education in urban
and rural areas in Indonesia?

How is the public reaction regarding
educational assistance from the government?

How is the quality of education abroad?

How it relates to the science of one’s


 Goal Writing Paper

can change the mindset that education is a right for itself as a way to achieve
success and the obligation for him to practice the knowledge acquired to the
welfare state.

1.4 Benefits of Writing Paper

of the benefits if the purpose of this paper is achieved, including:

Many communities have science as a tool
for life and useful for life.

The passion for knowledge, religion and
the state increased

A sense of responsibility for self, God
and country increased

Life would be fun and easy for life

1.5 Limitations

problems discussed are about the quality of education abroad and the difference
with the quality of education in Indonesia, the role of government to improve
the quality of education in Indonesia and the awareness of citizens about the
importance of education.



2.1 The rights and obligations of
citizens in education


            Every citizen is bound to be two things in
the life of the state, namely the rights and obligations which are both
integral to earn the right to be the obligation to do.

2.1.1 Right to citizen education

            Teaching entitled to be obtained
by all citizens in Indonesia, according to Chapter 8 Article 31, paragraph 1.In
reality only people who have a lot of treasure to enjoy secondary education and
higher education, because until now it’s completely free secondary education is
not just some areas are already feeling the joy of free education but in some
areas still have to pay and there are many people who can not afford school
fees because it is so high that many small children who should have been in the
morning he was still in the classroom
to learn must let it us help parents find the money for daily necessities
every day, for feeding purposes only their distress especially for the purposes
of paying tuition, they can not.

            Whereas Article 31 paragraph 4
has been explained that the priority for the state one of them to education
where the state has set up at least 20 percent of state and local budgets for
the needs of the education of citizens are met.

            With this we can say that
education is prioritized by the state financially, but why is the quality of
education is still not evenly distributed in Indonesia?

2.1.2 Obligations
of citizens in education

we have the right to get an education, we also have an obligation where the
obligations of citizens in the field of education, including education, is the
first run because the government has the right to education.Second, basic
education is reasonable because the overall primary education has been free and
affordable for all people in


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