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In this case study John Compton,The president of the company was not satisfied with the progress executives were  making in and developing a methodology and instructed his executive staff to develop a project Managment Methodology within the next six months as that was part of a RFP requirement The executives  were hesitant to develop a methodology  but knew it was necessary to implement a methodology to complete the RFP process in addition to the pressure that they had received from the president ,then the consultant to review the EPM system but   that requried a project Managment Office to oversee the process and the change in Management Structure which they were done to implementProject Managment Methodology  is a set of templates checklists or Procedures developed for a company to use while working on Projects These are Standard Practices of an Organization When Conducting project related activities …Enterprise Project Management (EPM) is a type of project managment Methodology  that is designed for the effective managment of large and and difficult projects and the  EPM breaks down the projects into  actionable portions that are Sequential in order to produce a final result the Project Management Office (PMO) is a department within an organization hat maintains a standards of project management .Question 2 : Can a PMO accelerate the implemention process?The time Taken to develop and implement the EPM methodology can be shortened if the company has a project management Office (PMO) in place to take the lead role in developing the project This is because 1. The PMO controls the overall project Management  IP or intellectual property of the Organization2.PMO can Facilitate ,Allocate and Manage Resources Proficiently while running various Projects3.The PMO is Comprised of a handful of experienced Project managers from different departments who are competent in building the required methodology and requried  templates to be used in this methodology 4.the PMO can also establish standards provide training provide templets  and provide guide lines that can help the Organizations effectively manage the execution of its Project


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