In The Cambridge English Dictionary states that collaboratively

In this section of righting will be a detailed information
and provide the evidence to support this on, why key behaviours are required so
that a person is able to work effectively and collaboratively with others. The
Cambridge English Dictionary states that collaboratively means when a team of
two or more people work closely together for a special purpose with each member
taking an equal part in the group work (Dictionary, c. 2017).

One of the main key behaviours when working collaboratively
within a team setting would be that of having respect of every member of the
team and even that of people from outside of the team. The key behaviour of
respect is one if not the easiest team behaviours that there is in many ways
however can have the biggest impact on the teamwork. Respect is the simple
common purpose if a team can work together to achieve their aim. Respect is essential
a part of a person human life and what we then do we when is respect a person
in the team is that we recognise their value in the team effort. However, when
we disrespect a person within the team it’s like saying “you are not valuable
to us” or “you are not worthy” of being in this team (Schuitema. 2018).

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There are simple respectful behaviours that a person to
carry out which will in the end help the team work towards a collaborative
approach to a task, one of these behaviours includes the simple saying of
hello, goodbye and using the words please and thank you. These acts of
behaviours are showing that you have the respect for a person time and their
skills. Respect is important quality of group-work. Though all members of a
group used to necessarily like one another, they must respect each other.
Professional respect is just as important as personal respect, and both can
help a group act more smoothly. If each part of a group respects the positions
of all other parts of team, the projects that are being completed will be
carried out and will reflect in the complete tasks. If it happens to be no
respect among the employees the likely hood of an incidence of workplace
conflict may increase over time. Employees who themselves have little or even
no respect for others will engage om behaviour that pictures existence without
of respect for the person as well as the value of others contributions to the
organization. Workplace conflict has a negative impact on productivity,
employee morale and overall job satisfaction, which ultimately affects the


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