In positive. Enkidu became the leader and guided

In the Epic of Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh
goes between his conscious and unconscious in order to uncover and solve his
problems and figure out his own fear of death. Gilgamesh is a king who has
negative impact on his kingdom. He forces people to build walls and oppresses
and wrongs the people. Throughout the epic, he is struggling with the gods, his
kingdom, and most importantly himself. Early stage of Gilgamesh, he lived a
life away from consciousness; unable to see his experiences, and for the most
part an instinctive, sensory existence. He is unware of a lot of this
personality and I called this shadow. The shadow is you, but has the opposite
personality. The shadow in the epic is Enkidu, he is completely different from
Gilgamesh, he is uncivilized and a beast-like human however they both have
authority and vigor.    

When Enkidu and
the gods had to entered Gilgamesh’s life and fatefully altered his life.
Enkidu, half-man/half beast become the best friend of Gilgamesh. Enkidu truly
contradictory elements start to show. For example, when Gilgamesh suggested to
Cedar Forest and fight the monster Humbaba, Enkidu joins his friend on the
adventure. Over the journey, Gilgamesh kept having nightmares, Enkidu acted as
an interpreter and always tell him the outcomes are positive. Enkidu became the
leader and guided Gilgamesh every time when he freaked out. One solid evidence
is when Humbaba pleaded for his life, Enkidu mocked Gilgamesh why he is afraid,
“Why my friend, are you whining so pitiably, hiding behind your whimpering?”
(5.89-90).  And then Enkidu convinced
Gilgamesh to kill the monster. This killing ponders me, is Enkidu smart enough
in not believing what Humbaba said? Or this is another psychological jealousy
on the part of Enkidu when Humbaba’s suggestion that he and Gilgamesh are best

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both ways Enkidu and Gilgamesh helped and guided each other. Gilgamesh turned
into a hero figure, and Enkidu got ahead of his fears. Because of Gilgamesh
appearance Enkidu transformed from the wild-man life to an ordinary man life.
He thought Gilgamesh as a friend and that is something only human would think. For
Gilgamesh, Enkidu’s love and companionship helped Gilgamesh realized his
consciousness which Gilgamesh had been cruel. On the way back home after the
journey, Gilgamesh met Ishar, the goddess of fertility. She wanted him to marry
her, but Gilgamesh refused and insulted her. Ishtar is a negative character,
who caused Gilgamesh to demolish himself with the Bull of Heaven incident.
Because Enkidu killed the bull and caused his death. With Enkidu’s death,
Gilgamesh went crazy and eventually took Enkidu’s shadow and those
characteristics. Gilgamesh took on the beast-like personality when Enkidu first
displayed where he now searches for immortality shown here the fear of death
but he failed becoming immortal. When he returned he however won his wish of
immortality but in a different meaning, he found his true self through the
journey. By encountering all the experiences represented his unconscious dreams
and events and he discovered himself through his unconscious findings. 

Their relationship
never changed, not even after Enkidu’s death. Before he died, Enkidu cursed and
denied “I did not kill the Cedar (from the forest)” (7.22). From the
psychological perspective Enkidu is going through the stage of denial and blame
others here, is some very human traits. However, when the god Shamash pointed
out he wouldn’t have met Gilgamesh, Enkidu’s emotions changed and now he
blessed Shamhat and accepted his fate as the price of his friendship.  In conclusion, Gilgamesh transformed to be a
wise and fair leader. His reformation proves that death is not unpleasant. The
true meaning of life is follow the right path and have determination. This epic
shows that any individual can discover their inner mind through understanding
of different experiences and the inner self will break into individuals’



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