In play a significant influence on the government’s

In the end, there are different kinds of power for certain circumstance,
including one’s power and ability (power-from-within), to the power that people
have a collective hold (power-with), and finally, the power than an individual
or group has over another individual or group (power-over). All three types of
power play an essential role in truly understanding the challenges that one has
to overcome in order bring change in society today.

The final article looks written by Kuyek looks at the goal of community
organizing and the relationship that it can transform within the different
institution. The term he used in this article called “power-over” which
requires the domination or even the oppression of others, while the other type
of relationship talked about is the “power-with” which looks at bringing
collective energy with the result being able to act together (Kuyek 2011). A
clear understanding in our modern-day society of who has the most “power-over”
influence is corporations within western capitalism society because this term
“power-over” depends on the control of capital, resources, and force that all
play a significant influence on the government’s agenda due to their corporate
organizational capabilities. Power-over can also be seen in non-monetary form
as well through either physical or psychological force of dominance in many
forms which can include spousal abuse, genocides, wars, racism, gangs, and even
schoolyard power struggles (Kuyek 2011). With our economic system in Canada, we
can see the social welfare system has become a punitive and complex system that
is hard to understand truly. Power everywhere is often synonymous with money.
Meaning that much of the things that we do in society over-values money which
restricts us from callusing other things in life like hobbies, human
interactions, and even the environment around us.

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Privilege is a societal concept in which, members of individual, favored
groups have advantages that non-members do not have. Being privilege does not,
in turn, cancel itself out but by being privileged in one area, it does not
remove a certain privilege in another. Meaning that it is possible to benefit
from more than one form of being privileged at the same time. If people think
that anyone of us is a member of a particular privilege group, even though you are
not, you have “passing privilege.” In the end, the one universal aspect to
privilege lists is that the privileged group never must be aware that they are
privileged. Knowing this is the first step to dismantling this unfair global

The second article that was for this written by Ferguson looked at the
word Privilege which is a word that is often heard during social justice
organizing and what the term truly means in that sense. This author mentions in
the beginning that to truly understand the term privilege you must be willing
to learn the basic foundation of the word (Ferguson 2014). Also, that thinking
that the word privilege cannot be learned as a single lesson, but as a field of
study, which means that we must continue reading, learning, and thinking
critically. When looking at this term in a social-organizing setting, we see
the word “privilege” refer to the set advantages that a group is favored by
society, just by being within that group. Think of this term as bring born,
members of the same privilege group all receive an invisible jetpack. They get
so used to this jetpack they forget they even have it at all, even though it
has helped them get through their daily obstacles. For everyone not in this
privileged group, it is apparent they have the jetpack. The only thing is that
if you already have the pack on, you will never notice you have it on unless
you start looking for it. This is what the term privilege truly means which is
to say the benefits or advantages that someone receives by being a part of that
group. The critical aspect of privilege is the culture that surrounds it. For
example, living in America a white person is privileged because they are part
of the ethnic majority. But if you are the same person but moved to China, the
list of privileges would be drastically different.

Throughout the article, the use of disruption is a dominant force that
can provide a certain degree of change to society, while existing oppositional
force can serve to counteract this power along with the challenge between
meeting conditions make it a success. With the use of the disruptive power,
there is always of a chance they could positively become a powerful force if
used correctly in any social movement.

After reading Frances Fox Piven chapter of The Nature of Disruptive
Power. The author describes power as an ability for those who are superior
either physically or materially to control or dominate those that do not have
much of an advantage. There was one aspect that I found to be important in this
chapter which was the fact that disruptive power can provide a massive impact
for those at the bottom of the hierarchical social pyramid. Piven defines
disruptive power which many individuals have, but they do not realize their
real power until some collective action is being directly taken or shown. The
term disruptive power is explicitly denoting the leverage or even “potential
power” that the lowest within the socioeconomic hierarchy have. With the usage
of disruptive power, it does not merely evoke nonconventional or radical
demands through violence. But to use this type of power, there must be the
strategic use of it which may include both the use of violence and non-violence
approaches, the moral issues concerning violence by protesters and historical
reference which often shows better results during collective protests. Much of
the violence that is experienced during collective actions is usually the violence
of individuals with authority deploying their own force to restore normal institutional
routines (Piven 2012). In the final part of the article the author stated that
in order social movements even to come out victorious, the author Piven looks
at that even though certain individuals lack both financial resource and influence
in o both the conventional sense of politics can create nonetheless significant


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