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In the world that we are living in today, it seem like
sports is dominating the word. Everywhere you go, you will see people
performing a specific sport. Whether you are watching TV or listening to the
radio you always hear about sports. Most people you see have a sport team that
they support. To some people sports are not just a winning or losing game, it
means more than that to them it is a religion to them. With the entire fan,
based going on right now, it put more pressure on athletes to give a winning
performance. Over the years, sports have grown a lot from the beginning. Sports
is not just played for fun anymore, professional athletes play sport to win. It
is not just about being a pro athlete anymore, no matter if people are playing
sport in the video games, backyards, or even practice field, the competition is
intense now. With this much pressure, athletes are looking for more ways to
increase their levels of professionals and more ways to better their
performance. Sport gained a lot of popularity and athletes work so hard to
perform when they step out to the field. Athletes put their bodies and careers
on the line whenever they are competing and that is why there is Sport

            Ever since sport psychology was
founded in 1986, sport psychology has emerge large field not just as career but
also in the sport environment. From working with athletes all over the word. “The
more mind is made use of in athletic competition, the greater will be the skill
of our athletes.”(By John M. Silva). Sport psychology is a science for sports,
it focused on human performance, and how athletes brain function when they are
performing a particular sport. “AASP is an international, multidisciplinary,
professional association with over 2,500 members in 55 countries worldwide”.
They work with people all over the world and study different humans to see how
improvement in sport can happen. Sport psychologist have a lot goals and
missions. One of the goals that they have is mentoring professionals in all
stages of their career that mean from the day you start playing and until your
retirement. The goal is to study you and help you recover from injuries and
mental be a better athletic isn’t just about running hard or training
harder and longer, you have to everything that is require and you must take
good care of your body not just mentally but physically as well too. Athletics
faces many emotions throughout their career. When an athletic loses momentum,
they star changing and performing poor, this change is created by psychological
and emotional factors. Many time, there are athletics performed better when
they are in practice but do not perfume well during competitions, that’s when
sport psychology steps in and help the athletic with that mental problem.

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“The success of sport psychologists in elite and
professional sport has stimulated other

where human performance is of paramount importance to embrace sport psychology
principles and to invite sport psychologists to work and research in non-sport
performance settings including business (e.g. Jones, 2002)”. Becoming and sport
psychologist requires many steps and he or she have to go through many stages.
To become a fully member of the ASAP team, applicants must have a degree or
doctoral degree from a regionally or an accredited institution of higher
education. Without a degree, your chances of becoming a member is less, but
with a degree you still have a higher chance. Applicants must have ten or more
years of extensive post-graduation and 50 percent of experience must have been
with sport populations. In addition, applicants must take an exam called the
CMPC certification exam and you must obtained the score that is required for
else making it to the ASAP team would be impossible. The final degree that is
require is a psychology degree or PHD in sports psychology. There is not a lot
of schools that offer the doctorate degree for students with only a bachelor’s
degree, but it is rare. With that the companions to become a sport psychologist
is very hard because there aren’t many opportunities and its challenging but
once you get into the field and start working with athelics and coaches, it
becomes easy and more stable.

Becoming a sports psychologist and working is hard
because the field of sport psychology is hybrid starting a career in sports
psychology requires as much steps, as it requires to joining the AASPA. Career
in sports psychology begin with studying through the doctoral level as requires,
you must have a doctoral degree in order to become a fully licensed as sports
psychologist. A caeer in sports psychology is a very busy environments because you
are a coach, you can work at middle school level to a professional level it just
depends on how experience you are with the field. Most sports psychologist work
at colleges and dealing with the athletics. Sports psychologist are responsible
for an entire team and you must an entire team physically. Sport psychologist
has to observe athletics at practice field or at a competition, meet with a client
individually or sometimes you have to speak to the family of your client if the
situation is bad. One of the biggest challenges working as a sport psychologist
is when an athletics lose their momentum and not motivated no more as a sport
psychologist, you have to find a way to bring back that momentum you have to
find a way to motivate your client to get back on the right track. Sports
psychologist are not just benefiting their client but also the community
because they are helping individuals overcome stress, making athletics better,
and performing well.

Sports psychology helps young and newly coaches become
better coach by teaching them how to deal and handler kids because as a coach if
you are giving the responsibility of young kid it is your responsibility to
make sure that the parents are satisfied with the way that you are working with
their kids. Not just for the parents. Sports psychology can help young coaches
with metal because when you are coaching kids you going to have to go through many
levels of stress and you have to find a way to make sure that you do not let
your emotions get ahead of you. Sports psychologist recommend new coaches to learn
how to control their emotions send not let emotions out in front of kids can
cause you’re a big problem and that’s why sport psychology recommend new
coaches to visit them.

As a sports psychologist, there are many benefits
because with a degree, there are many different types of jobs that you can use
it for not just for one field. It is extremely rewarding to be able to work
with different people not just in their performance but also in the life
satisfactions. Imagine having a athletic as a client who has been performing
bad, and you work with them and make them change the way they are performing
that’s a good accomplishment. Even though the career in sport psychologist is an
amazing field. There are drawbacks because if you have a client or a atheists,
and they have an career ending illness you have to find a way to consult the
client and the family and that’s the hardest part of the job because some athletics
work hard to make their dreams reality and as a sports psychologist. It is part
of the job to tell the individual that he or she will not be able to pursue their
dream anymore. The best part about being a sport psychologist is that you help athletics
who have doubts grow confidence. If an athletic is performing and he or she had
maintain many doubts prior or during their performance, it will distract them
and make them play not perform well. After visiting a sport psychologist, when athletics
talk to them they become more confident and they start performing better in competition
or practice.

My thoughts about sports psychology is that from doing
researches and looking up information’s about the career is that it is a good idea
that there are sports psychologist because they are helping the people specially
athletics overcome downtime and helping them get back in the best way that they
could not just mentally but physically. Some athletes look for help from a
sport psychologist or for exercises when they are having professional problems.
Athletics might lose their momentum or lose focus during competitions; they
might have communication problems with their teammates or, losing control of
their temper. That is a major part of sports psychology because their job is to
get teams together and make the players understand each other better. That is when
they go visit a sport psychologist for consult or a talk. Sports psychologist don’t
just help athletics when they are having difficulties, but they also help athletics
to recover from an injury because after injury, athletes may need help
controlling pain, or help them with psychical therapies.

In conclusion, all the keys concepts of sports
psychology are tied together; however, the most important thing to remember is
that sports psychologist can have a big impact in our lives not just for athletics
but for everyone. The impact of motivation, anxiety and stress are specific to
a person, these are feelings that determine how they will react. The career in
sport psychology can be very interesting because as of now it is still a
developing field; it will help the world in the upcoming future. Sport really
interest me because as an athletic, I learn that running hard not every day and
working out gets you better. To be an athletic, you have to do what it requires
for athletics you got to learn how to control yourself , how to keep your body
in a good physical way, and how to stay strong and positive while dealing with
anxiety and gaining momentum. Sports psychology will become one of the most
useful needed thing in the future for professional teams because each team will
need someone who can talk to their players, someone who can understand the need
of the players so they can keep going and growing to become better players and performed
good day in and day out. Make athletics perform well not just while at practice
but in competition.


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