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In this essay we will analyze if ‘Information Technology matters’ anymore nowadays. For that reason we will take a deep look into the articles of the most famous experts to derive to the decision if ‘IT matters or not’ and if it brings sustainable competitive advantage of  business. In the very beginning of this essay I will start with brief information about what is Information Technology. IT is a structural component of Information Systems or explained with simple words: consider that IT is the CPU of our computer which is only one component of the computer while IS is the whole unit – the computer. IS includes each part of  the company which is involved within the organization for example the information, processes and the people who are connected with the dispersion of information. IS can be seen as an executor of diverse functions like management, engineering processes, marketing support to giving authorization for Cloud computing or engaging with (VPN) access. The main distinction of IS and IT is that Information Systems are concentrated on the information while Information Technology is focused more on hardware and software. How important is IT for business?In this paragraph we will explore what is the role of Information Technology in the successful business. Incorporation of innovative and emerging technologies in business is expected to contribute positive achievements to the business like bringing value, better quality and higher productivity. The business over the last two decades has been definitely influenced by the Information Technology. IT has made radical reorganization of lives on people and organizations. The examples for that change are well known to nowadays society such as online shopping, social media, online marketing, cloud computing and digital communication which helps us in everyday lives. In recent times business without IT can’t operate effectively because it is impossible to prepare a business plan or to perform instant customer support, or even implement efficiently its marketing program.   There are driving factors for business success which we will define as precise analysis, future plans, actions and vision for the business. It is proved in a research that in the last twenty years companies who have invested in innovations and technologies have gained success in achieving bigger market share and higher competitiveness. We have the chance to use IT in many directions for example in particular data analyses or types of planning. With the opportunities that Information Technology gives us we can plan the future our business or analyze specific data which will give us directions how to proceed and what steps to undertake. In twenty first century very important tool for the business is the digital marketing which enables us to promote or sell our products or services from home or our office. The cloud is giving us another advantage of global communication which gives us the chance to monitor our office and employees from every part of the world.


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