In major to Accounting. I took a class

In in my native country: Ghana, art is viewed as a
vocational or leisure activity as opposed to a genuine field of study which is
why I am constrained to continue my education in the US, where the arts are
more regarded and developed. A few semesters into my undergraduate program in
studio art at SUNY Plattsburgh, my parents suggested that I switch my major to
Accounting. I took a class in that field as a precautionary measure. This
dropped my GPA as I did not have the uttermost support from my parent to explore
my desire and urge to study art. In effect, this deterred my zeal for art for a
while; however, I knew I had to stay focused to prove a point.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in studio art,
I plan to continue my education in the most inspiring and challenging setting
conceivable. This leads me to apply to SUNY Albany to pursue a graduate art
program in Combined media (Painting and Digital Imaging).  Through
postgraduate studies, I hope to improve my ability to engage in creative
thinking and to become visually literate; and prepare further for a career in
the arts. I discovered that your art program encourages students to explore
their own definitions of creativity and imagination through a chosen medium
while working to realize SUNY Albany’s goal of educating the whole person by
facilitating an open environment for the free expression of ideas and hopes to
enhance students’ sense of confidence and self-worth. To further add on, my
painting is currently in the SUNY Art Student Exhibition Series (SASES) at
your campus and featured in the best of show competition. This gives me
the much confidence that my art piece is well related to amongst faculty
and students. SUNY Albany is where I need to be. 

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I am an artist who works in a variety of media.

Throughout my undergraduate program, I have created art pieces which respond to
environment contexts and uses my everyday experiences as a source for
inspiration. However, these are circumstances may be unnoticed in their
original context. By focusing on techniques, I consider making art a craft
which never shows complete structure but bears witness to great craftsmanship.

My artistic process MY process of
art makingmdoes not follow logical criteria; however, subjective
associations incite the viewer to make new personal associations and interpretations
without being hindered by reality. Most often, my work features coincidental,
accidental and unexpected connections between form, hue, tonality and value
which make it possible to revise unrelated aspects which lead to surprising

Though my portfolio has concentrated on oil painting,
drawings and graphic design work, I am particularly interested in seeing how my
visual vocabulary translates even further with a combination of these. Earning
my MFA at SUNY Albany will not only refine my abilities and broaden my ability
to express myself effectively through visual art, but moreover, bring my dreams
to reality. This will also serve as a thesis or inspiration to prove that one
can achieve all goals or aspirations. Furthermore, equipped with an MFA, and
the experiences and development thereof, I will be able to bring, with
confidence, relevant work to the art world, and even commercial endeavors
wherever opportunities and life’s path takes me. Throughout my undergraduate
tenure, I have participated in student exhibition shows on campus and worked
with other various student artists with a goal to critique, learn or adapt from
each other as well. I have participated in talk sessions and live paintings on
campus to further share my artistic journey and skill with the student body and
faculty.  I have also worked with various worked
with private and commercial clients to discover their styles and develop content
that grow from preferences of the consumer and I. With these
experiences, I have learned not only patience and a good work ethic, but also
the ability to interact effectively with people of differing backgrounds, and
socioeconomic status. I am eager to learn from the talented professors and
inspired students there. I look forward to my time with SUNY Albany, my future
of sharing my love of art with others, and creating a lasting and meaningful body
of works that will inspire generations to come and also change the perception
of art in my home country. Thank you for your time and consideration.




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