In lack of productive opportunities are some of

In economic growth models, investment, labor and human
capital and technological progress are essential for sustaining economic growth
(Perkins et al., 2013)1.
Also, optimization or sustainable economic growth is highly determined by a
growing labor force (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, 2007).

Poverty is prevalent because the poor have lower
access from economic activity since many of the collective goods are not
sufficient enough for them, and these people have insufficient market
opportunities. One of the causes of poverty in the Philippines is weakness in
jobs generation and the quality of the generated employment (Asian Development Bank,

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Based from Republic
of the Philippines Labor Market Review Employment Poverty from The World
Bank reports and documents, the core labor market problem of the country is low
productivity of employment and extensive in work poverty. To illustrate this, the
low educational attainment, low skills of poor workers and lack of productive
opportunities are some of the considerations of low earning capacity of poor
households. However, the supply of workers measures are necessary to reduce
poverty like investment in education by improving its quality and providing
training opportunities for persons of working age who need to upgrade their
skills to have productive jobs (2016). Furthermore, economists analyze
unemployment in order to know its causes and provide improvements on the public
policies that affect the unemployed individuals. One is job-training programs
which assist people in finding employment (Mankiw, 2005). Moreover, education
plays a crucial contribution to the human development and one of the key elements
in sustaining the economic growth and alleviating poverty the Philippines. Consequently,
technical and vocational education and training (TVET) plays a significant role
in preparing individuals to acquire set of skills. These individuals have
gained the right attitude, knowledge and skills that are necessary in the

1 One if the
popular theories in economic growth is the neoclassical production function of
the Solow Model in which the physical capital, labor and technological progress
are crucial in sustaining economic growth, for more information ,see Perkins et
al. (2013).


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