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In all dystopian society books there is a pattern of love being restricted, especially in 1984 by George Orwell. In the Nation of Oceania that is portrayed by Orwell, all love tends to be restricted, except for the love of Big Brother. In many ways, Big Brother is successful in erasing the aspect of love. The restriction of love causes Winston’s marriage with Kathrine to feel cold and frigid and it eventually ends in a split. Even with affairs that seem to be hidden from Big Brother, are torn apart and eventually stopped like Winston and Julia’s. Perhaps the learned love, or more forced love, that is implemented by Big Brother, is the strongest love that the citizens of Oceania feel. Even through torture it is shown that only love for the state remains. The party, Big Brother, successfully tries to destroy natural love and creates a love that would be seen as unnatural in our society. Sex and intimacy are important parts of marriage, but the state attempts to take away love by restricting such actions. This causes many marriages to become cold and separation is encouraged for those who “in cases where there is no children.” The first time we see that marriage is different is Oceania is when we first hear about WInston’s wife: “Winston was married — had been married, at any rate: probably he still was married, so far as he knew his wife was not dead.” This shows that even being married, Winston could probably care less that his wife is alive. He seems not to know if he is even married anymore. The Party has changed the definition of what marriage is. His marriage is really something he could care less about: “for days at a time he was capable of forgetting that he had ever been married.” In a society like ours where love and marriage tend to go hand and hand, it is hard to imagine that one can just forget that they are married. The definition of marriage has become so insignificant in Oceania that Wiston can just forget about his wife, pretty frequently at that. The act of sex became a chore to Katherine and it was an act only to create children. The people of Oceania have been so brainwashed on the idea of love that it is almost impossible for people to understand love in any other way than obedience to The Party. The marriage between Katherine and Winston is seen as a fail to The Party because they have no children. In our society, when two people are married there is a loyalty that comes with that marriage. Although The Party wants marriages for the purpose of reproduction, it sees the love of marriage of a type of poison in society. The reason for removing love in marriage is so loyalties among spouses would not become stronger than loyalties to the state. Winston’s marriage brings him nothing but agony because the Party has so successfully taken love out of marriage. The Party also destroys love outside of marriage. The Party Destroys the “love” between Julia and Winston. Even though their love seems sound it is eventually torn apart by the Ministry of Love. The torture is so intense that the idea of love seems to have never existed. Winston ends up screaming, “Do it to Julia! Not me! Julia! I don’t care what you do to her. Tear her face off, strip her to the bones. Not me! Julia! Not me!” By forcing them to betray each other, the Party destroys the love between Winston and Julia. True love has never been able to exist in a society run by Big Brother. When love is talked about we talk about it as something that can withstand anything thrown at it, but as Orwell displays, maybe love can’t withstand torture or even the brainwashing by a government. We always say that love makes the world go ’round, but through Orwell’s book it seems that life can go on without love. Only the love for The Party exists in the end.


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