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In the novel, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald (who is an american novelist during the Jazz Age), Fitzgerald portrayed many themes such as justice, social power, deception, selfishness, and the American Dream, but the list goes on. All of the themes, but none of them, is more developed than its social structure. The novel is shown as an amazing example of the social structure and a very dramatic view in the American life, but more specifically New York. The author Fitzgerald deliberately arranges his book into 3 defined social classes, they all have their own issues to deal with. The classes are further exemplified into “old money, new money, and no money.” Although the immigration in the US started to become very restricting about immigrants in 1924, New York was still filled with a large population of immigrants making the third class “no money”. Through the majority of the book, the idea of being the best or the most wealthy is the common way in society. At the start of the book, the most apparent social class that Fitzgerald goes after is the upper class or the wealthiest in the society. What was very unapparent is that placing all of the rich in one group would be a major mistake but is portrayed throughout the novel. IN a normal society the rich are acquaintances with the rich and seem that the only reason they are friends is because of their wealth. Yet the author shows the readers that in this book that is not so. In the novel there’s 2 different kind of rich people, the one who were born into wealth like the Jordan Baker and The Buchanans. The families of theses two have had money for many generations. Jordan Baker is a pro golfer, she followed the footsteps of her parents. NIck Buchanan is born rich and always have had thing given to her and never had to work for anything. Both families have been very wealthy for many generations, thus introducing the term “old money.”


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