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In this thesis, the growth of online social networking (OSN) has introduced new way of communication sharing information and it used regularly by millions of people.With the continuous growth in the information theory (IT) revolution, we are facing many sudden dangers and problems that accompany any civil and technical development.A development  in the size of the electronic crime and the way it’s used has been taking place.This caused new crimes that were not known before to arise as a result to what has been achieved in scientific advanced and technical development and whatever accompanied that as social and culture changes on all societies.This research has addressed the way to keep up with modern technology and how to secure it once it is spread.   it new seems that ONS will be an essential part of everyday life.The rapid growth of ONS has also resulted in an increase its use for significant criminal activities and the criminals are become more sophisticated in their to use technology in order to perform criminal acts.                            In this thesis, We will describe the use of online social networks(OSN) for crime investigation.With the extensive use of OSNS,the number of crimes has been increased .Such a trend can be seen in the increase of reporter  number of criminal cases.It is interesting to find out “how OSNS are used to anticipate the crimes?” “how they are being used to solve a crime committed?” “how they are being used by the criminals to commit the crimes?” and “what possible further needs for predicting and solving crimes .In order to answer these questions, we have done an extensive  review of the literature and existing reliable  crimes.This led us to understand  the using OSNS for crime investigation. It also discussed the means of crimes and prevention method in order to make people aware of  it  and its damages.  KeywordsSoftware Requirement Specification, Semantic Technology, Natural Language Processing       


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