In and outer resistance to this imperialism and

In the 19 century, the
industrial revolution and population growth in Europe gave rise to a new
impetus for colonial expansion, of which the United Kingdom is one of the main

The British colonial empire is a territorial
ensemble governed by the United Kingdom. At its apogee in the early 20 century, it was the greatest power and colonial empire in the world. It then
brought together a quarter of the world’s population, or more than 400 millions
of inhabitants (Maddison
2001:98), and spread over territories covering
30 million km² (Ferguson
2004:15). It was then the greatest empire of all

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To compare, the French colonial empire at
its apogee before the Second World War covered 12 million km² and had “just” 70
million inhabitants.

In the first place, I will explain the
different stages of British colonization, before talking about the control of
the Empire’s domination and statutes. Then I will see the economic and cultural
power imposed on these territories. Finally, I will conclude with inner and
outer resistance to this imperialism and the legacy of this Empire on this day.


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