In 17(Peter). John has been working for more


In the first session;

“C” asked some open questions to prompt John to start discussing his dilemmas. John was able to convey the events that are leading up to his problems clearly, although he was reduced to tears while discussing his problems and his feelings of being unappreciated at work and unable to cope with his circumstances. “C” allowed John, to release his tears and acknowledged his need to release his feelings. When he was calmer, “C” continued with gathering some of the background information.

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Case Information;

John has been married for 19 years and has one son aged 17(Peter).

John has been working for more than 15 years as a Teacher at Pioneer Primary School, and feel unappreciated at work. He feels that he is doing the job given to him at work, but does not enjoy it. He is the sole breadwinner for his family.

Recently he has been having conflicts with his wife(Mary), due to financial and son’s condition. His wife, Mary is a housewife and not employed. She can’t help in financial wise as she is taking care of the son.

As about 4 months ago, John has consulted numerous doctors, and specialists regard to the treatment and rehabilitation of his son. Peter was diagnosed with a personality disorder by the Institute of Mental Health. Since then Peter has been going through psychiatric assessments. The new, Peter is more demanding, throws screaming tantrums, and seems resistance. John grieves that he can no longer have his son he once had.

John has been dismayed to find that many of his friends and relatives have distanced themselves from his family. He hasn’t talked to his closest friends, feeling that he doesn’t want to burden them with his troubles.

John has not been sleeping well, as he lies awake wondering whether his life will be this difficult forever. He can’t see an end to the predicament and he is tired of feeling stressed and having such conflict with her family. As he feels he is not responding to his purpose in life.


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