Importance of being healthy during pregnancy

Being healthy entails a healthy living. Healthy living requires one to bring to an end consumption of convenience as well as fast foods and substitute them with food cooked at home. Secondly, healthy living entails portion control on the quantity of the food that one is going to consume which is the initial step in shunning obesity which could lead to severe health problems, like diabetes. Thirdly, one ought to take into consideration his/her fat intake. Although the body requires fat to function, a healthy lifestyle requires one to stop consuming bad fats i.

e. saturated fats and substitute them with poly and mono saturated fats i. e. omega 3 and olive oil. (Edelman & Mandle 61) Healthy living also involves taking pleasure in the small pleasures in life, such as taking wine with a meal, chocolate, ice cream or even a cream cake but in moderation. In addition, healthy living requires one to participate in exercise given that it helps in preventing obesity if done in moderation. Exercise can take numerous forms varying from cycling, dancing, weight lifting, walking, jogging and swimming. (Pillitteri 310)

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A study carried out shows that, a slowing in the reduction of the United States’ rate of infant mortality since 2000 can be associated to poor health amongst expectant women. According to a report by TFAH titled “Health Women, Health Babies” , gains in the health of infants have stagnated due to deteriorating health conditions such as diabetes, obesity as well as high blood pressure. TFAH Executive Director, Jeff Levi states: “Medical progress has been canceled out in the delivery room by the deteriorating health of childbearing-aged women and their lack of health care access” (Johnson, CQ HealthBeat, 6/13).

Approximately 30% of expectant women experience a number of problems during pregnancy, which made the U. S to spent $26. 2 billion in the year 2005. The report related low birth weights as well as early births with healthy conditions amongst expectant women. (Edelman & Mandle 61) A study of more than 92, 000 pregnant women established that, nearly all types of exercise excluding swimming correlated with a higher threat of miscarriage prior to 4 and a half months.

Given that we all want our wives, mothers, sisters as well as friends to give birth to healthy babies and to remain healthy thereafter, it is crucial that we highlight what being healthy entails and the consequence some forms of staying healthy like exercise have on an expectant woman especially during the first four months of pregnancy as well as some types of diets. Therefore, it is quite essential to highlight what being healthy to a pregnant woman entails and the importance it has to the both the mother and the fetus. The following is a highlight of why staying healthy is important. (McArdle, Et al 506)

To start with, staying healthy helps do away with certain ailments which are detrimental to both the expectant mother as well as the fetus. These diseases include: obesity, diabetes as well as high blood pressure. Women who develop high blood pressure in pregnancy are more probable to develop augmented coronary calcification later on in life than those who retained a normal blood pressure. Researchers said in hypertension: Journal of the American Heart Association. Expectant women with high blood pressure and diabetes are at a risk of damage of organs or convulsions which can be fatal in severe cases.

Research shows that the likelihood of a caesarean delivery as well as a stillbirth in the second pregnancy among women increases with likelihood of complications such as diabetes and high blood pressure. (McArdle, Et al 507) Staying healthy through a proper diet ensures that the unborn baby is supplied with essential nutrients which are required for growth and development while in the womb and after birth. Proteins are utilized in building the cells in the baby’s brain as well as a vital part in proper development of the brain. Both phosphorous and calcium are required for the baby’s tooth and bone formation.

Folic acid is required for the development of healthy embryotic tissue in the newborn. In addition, more iron is also required during pregnancy. A pregnant woman needs 30mg of iron for pregnancy which can also be supplied through iron supplements. In addition, a pregnant woman also requires plenty of fruits, vegetables, plenty of starch and fibre. Proper nutrition will also ensure that the expectant mother has enough energy which minimizes instances of dizziness, fainting, headaches among other pregnancy related complications. (Edelman & Mandle 51)


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