Immune System

The immune system is the bodys system of defense against infectious diease. It protects the body from foreign substances and pathogenic organisms. The immune system includes the thymus, bone marrow, and lymphoid tissues. The immune system actually fights unfamiliar germs, bacteria, viruses, and parasites. In certain cases your immune system can turn against your body’s own cells. The immune system can recognize invading germs because they will have different antigens than your body. The immune system can guard you from viruses such as colds, flues, tonsillitis, and ear infections.

The immune system protects us from several different things and is something needed for each person for survival without the immune system we wouldn’t have anything to fight for us and our bodies would eventually be overrun by germs, diseases, and or viruses. Continuing on I will explain why the proper function of the immune system is so important to all other systems in our body. In the body there are two main fluid systems. They are the “blood and the lymph systems and these two systems are responsible for transporting the agents of the immune system” (uhaweb, 2001, para. 6).

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The transporting of these are important to making sure we can continue to fight off antigens that are not suppose to be in our body. I watned to include this picture as it is a breakdown of all the major cells in the blood system and because the blood system is part of the transport system I found this to be important for us to know what is all included in the blood system. The immune system fights all the bad and kills it. Once the immune system fights something it in turn builds up anitbodies against that making it harder for that specific thing to attatck you and make you ill again. The immune system works with the lymph system.

The lymphoid system has primary organs and secondary. The primary organ is bone marrow and the thymus gland. The secondary organs are “portals of entry for pathogens, adenoids, tonsils, spleen, the intestines, and the appendix” (uhaweb, 2001). The lymphoid help the body know when something is attacking the body that isn’t supposed to be there and the immune system can begin to try and fight against it. Lymphocytes consist of two types of cells. “The T cells and the B cells” (uhaweb, 2001). This is where circulation and movement is happening. The b cells are in made in the stem cells of the bone marrow. They make antibodies and.

T cells are the opposite of the b cells as they don’t produce antibodies. They are also made in the bone marrow but are made in the thymus. Many things can go wrong with the immune system and I have found a break down and there are four main categories of this. They consist of autoimmune disorders, immunodeficiency disorders, allergic disorders, and, cancers of the immune systems. I will explain a little about each of these for a more understanding of what can happen if one of these problems were to occur. Autoimmune disorder happens when the immune system begins attacking its own organ cells and tissues.

There are several different types of these types of disorders. A few more common ones are Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis. Living with one of these disorders is very painful and not something most want to live with. Something as little as rheumatoid arthritis which can happen to any of us is just the inflammation in joints but is very progressive and painful making life miserable for the person living with it and the immune system doesn’t help fight off the disease it actually starts attacking you making this even more difficult.

Immunodeficiency disorders happen when part of the immune system is not present or not working as it should. This disorder can cause people to be more at risk of catching common colds and getting infections a lot quicker than most. Some of the most common immunodeficiency disorders are HIV, after effects of chemotherapy, malnutrition, and severe burn trauma. Now days things like HIV & AIDS can be lived with and not be as awful as it was years ago. My uncle actually died from AIDS back in the nineties and it him so quick we didn’t know what was happening and it killed him very quickly.

The body was attacking him and so was the diseases and it just ate away at him and didn’t fight any of it. By the time he died you didn’t even know who he was he looked awful. So in my opinion in the end with one of these diseases and the immune system not fighting them will eventually result in death as I have seen this myself. Allergy disorders consist of asthma, eczema, dermatitis, and food, insect or environmental allergies. All of these things cause problems for people. The immune system doesn’t fight against these causing reactions such as itching and hives and at times can cause death.

My little boy has an allergy to acetaminophen, and if he is given it he breaks out in hives from head to toe. Benadryl helps with this, but we just avoid giving him Tylenol. It isn’t something I am really found of the very first time it happened I freaked out because I didn’t know what was happening or what to do to fix it. I had not ever dealt with allergic reactions with my other kids so I was terrified. Now we just don’t keep Tylenol in the house because we don’t want anyone to mistakenly give it to him.

Cancer of the immune system happens when cells from the immune system work overtime and produce more than needed in turn causing cancer. The type of cancer that is produced from this is lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and multiple myeloma. Now the lymphoma is the one I know the most about, my step grandfather died from this. Once the cancer hits the lymphoid there isn’t much that can be done to help in this area. It begins shutting down all the other organs and can no longer fight anything.

The immune system works with the lymphoid and this causes major and quickly deterioration of the body and can and will result in death. Some of these disorders can be treated and are preventable if can be caught in time, but because the immune system plays such an important role in survival in our body some of these disorders can kill you. We can try to prevent them by living a healthy life and getting exercise and good hygiene. Making sure you protect yourself in sexual encounters can prevent getting certain ones. This seems to be a big problem these days so things like HIV and AIDS are spreading more and more.

If we as people can try to implement these few and very easy things in our life we can help protect our immune system and keep from getting some of these awful disorders and live a long healthy life. We know that some things that attack our immune system such as infections and viruses can be fought with simple antibiotics and once we have a dose of antibiotics our body will try and build and immunity up to whatever we had that needed the medicine and will try to keep us from developing this sickness again. According to Harvard health all things we do can affect our immune system.

Our immune system needs level of balance and harmony to work in the fullest way possible. Harvard health offers some very easy things for us to maintain a well working immune system. “Don’t smoke, eat a diet high in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and low in saturated fat, exercise regularly, maintain a healthy weight, control blood pressure, drink alcohol in moderation, get enough sleep, take steps to avoid infections, and see your doctor regularly” (Publication, 2000’s). These are all things we should all do anyways in our life so it should be easy enough to continue to live a happy healthy life with a great working immune system.

In conclusion the immune system is a major system in our bodies. We should treat it the same as we would anything else in our body. We take precautions on ways to prevent heart attacks and other things so now we should step back and think about the things we should do as well for our immune system so we can keep it functioning in a way to keep us healthy from other things that the immune system can fight against for us. Let’s see if we can all do this and prevent some of the preventable things in our own life’s.


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