If purchase products before you could market them.

If you want to know whether my super affiliate mentor is legitimate or not, keep reading. You will learn all the details about the program in this review. If you keep reviews on the Internet about this program, you will find mixed reviews. Some people claim the program to be great for making money online while others call it a scam. Mixed reviews tend to confuse you more. I will try to clear your doubts about the program.If you take a closer look at the program, you will find that it is not a scam, but a legitimate way to make money. If you follow the instructions and implement it properly, you can earn money. Though it is a legitimate way to make money, you need to be perseverant and work hard for it to work. It is not some get-rich-quick scheme that can make you a millionaire in a fortnight. How does ‘My Super Affiliate Mentor’ work?It is quite similar to other programs such as MOBE. It’s almost like a High-Ticket opportunity which requires you to buy products offered to you. You need to market the products earn money. You will have to spend money and purchase products before you could market them. As you need to spend some cash upfront if you want to use this program, it makes many people believe that it is a scam. It makes sense because if you don’t actually own the products, you cannot give your opinion and suggest others to buy it. In this program, you get training videos, learning materials and videos that help you kickstart your online business. The digital training kit you buy educates you and you need to help others achieve success. You have to sell the digital training kit and while you try to help them. When somebody purchases the product using your affiliate link, you earn a commission. You need to remember that you will only earn commission on the products you own and suggest. Is it legitimate?It is a perfectly legitimate way to make money online however, you need to purchase products before you can suggest them to other people. The program can actually help you earn money and it is promoted in an ethical way. It does not hide any crucial information or scams you. There are many similar programs that do allow you to earn money online but not promoted in an ethical way. Though some of the videos and promotional material are hyped a little bit. It is a standard practice with many commercial advertisers as well. It might annoy you, but it does not make it a scam. As you need to promote the program itself that you use to learn and help others, it does not make it a scam. You get value from through the education it gives you. The knowledge and process you follow to get sales give you a real selling experience and enhances your marketing skills. Now, just because a product helps you enhance your marketing skills and need you to use the same skills to promote it, does not make it a scam at all. It is not a pyramid scheme where no value is created and only money is rotated. Your income depends on your hard work and how well you apply the concepts of digital marketing. However, if you are somebody who does not want to pay anything upfront or buy any product, this program is not for you.  To Sum UpMy Super Affiliate Mentor program is not a scam and it is a legitimate way to earn money online. However, it is not very different from other affiliate programs. A lot of digital products offer you a free trial period. Free trial period allows you to test the product and promote it if you find it to be any good. This program does not have a free trial period and you need to buy it to use it and then promote it. It is important to note that just because a program does not offer a free trial period, it does not mean it is a scam. You need to use something before you can suggest it, somebody, the only alternative way is to purchase the product. 


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