If italy from any other place in the

If you were to move anywhere italy would be the place. Italy has a beautiful landscape, interesting culture, and its demographics are amazing. Also its good economy to its good government. All of those things separate italy from any other place in the world. Without a doubt Italy’s placement on this planet couldn’t be any better from the mountains that cover the northern border and the sea covered border. Italy has probably the most oddly shaped country there is because the country is a boot shaped peninsula that juts out of Europe. In the south there are hot, dry coastlands, and fertile plains where olives, almonds , and figs are grown. The alps are the  are the mountains that cut across the top of the country and are streaked with magnificent glacial lakes. West of the apennines mountains are wooded hills that are home to many of italy’s historic cities including rome. If the geography wasn’t enough to motivate you to move maybe there culture will. Since the rise of the roman empire,  italy art, architecture, and culture has influenced the world. Some of the framed italians you should know about are Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. Italy is also the heart of the catholic church, which is governed from Vatican City, which is a city surrounded by rome. In italy family is at the center of italian society young people often live at home until they are in their 30s, even if they have a job. When parents retire, they often go to live with thier children. The demographics are amazing. In Italy there are a variety of ethinic groups such as lusters are germans ,french, and slovene- italians in the north and albanian italians. In Italy the majority ofpeople are Christian (80%) the other religions in italy are muslim , atheist and agnostic. The languages spoken in Italy are Italian, German, French, and slovene. In Italy 29.9% ofpeople were in poverty. In Italy the population is growing or is expected to grow. Many of the population is helpful and kind to tourist that come. I doubt any other country could more kind to new people than the people in Italy. With such a diverse group of people there will always be many new and different types of people to meet. Currently the government of Italy is a Parlimentary Republic. Currently the leader of Italy is Prime Minister Paolo. The capital of Italy is Rome. The national symbols are a white five pointed star. The national colors of are red, white, and green. In Italy the economics are good currently the GDP is 36,000 as of 2016. The GDP growth rate is 3.1% as of2016. Italy is currently in the fourth stage of development. In Italy the standards of living are high. The gross national savings is 18.8% of GDP All in all Italy is a fantastic place to tour or live at. From the beautiful landscape, to its culture rich community, and its amazing demographics. Then from its great economy and good government. There is no other place better to live at than Italy.


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