I We have indirect duties to the tree

       I would not approve a project that will endanger the tree frog because we have
an indirect and direct duties to these frogs and they are a historical form.
Also, we should not interfere with nature. If the tree frog becomes endangered
naturally and dies out then it has become unfit to live in the habitat and
another species will appear in its place. The endangerment of the
tree frog should not be human caused (Rolston, 252). Others in favor
of the project say that species become extinct all the time and that this is
the way of evolution. Although this may be true, the ecosystem is
constantly changing but, natural extinction is normal turnover in ongoing
speciation. Even though, it is harmful to a species, it seldom impoverishes the
ecosystem but, humans killing the frogs off will shut down speciation
processes dependent on the frogs (Rolston, 252).

We have indirect duties to the tree frog. Saving this species has an
instrumental value for us, it can hurt or help us. It is the prey of at least
twenty species which makes them an important food source. They are also, the
predator of forty-six species flies, mosquitoes, moths and dragonflies being a
few. They help control insects that may carry diseases such
as Zika and the Ebola virus. Not only do the predators benefit from
tree Frogs but, so do humans. If we destroy tree frogs they will no longer have
instrumental value for us which will hurt us. Those in favor of the project say
that tree frogs are dangerous because they are poisonous but tree frogs help
lead to evolution. They are used for medicine and so is the
rainforest they reside in. So, not only will the project destroy
tree-frog but it will also destroy the rainforest. This would not be helpful to
humans it will only hurt us. The bright green tree frog
poison, Kambo, is used to go hunting and ward off illness by
Amazonian tribes (Daly). It is also has a range of traditional
and potential therapeutic applications, both medical and psycho-spiritual. The
secretion is known for its powerful emetic or purgative effects. Despite
its initial unpleasantness, Kambo is widely sought out to
revitalize body and mind (Everything You Need). Clearly, endangering the
tree frog by cutting down the forest will cause a loss of medicines.

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direct duty to individual animals exist because they have intrinsic
value and inherent worth then there is a direct duty to the species of tree
frogs because they too have intrinsic value as well therefore we must
protect them. Our duties to preserve endangered species derive from
the fact that this is a way in which we can help make it possible for wild
species populations to achieve and keep up a healthy
existence in a natural state (Taylor, 2). These obligations are due to those
living things out of acknowledgement of their inherent worth. Direct duty
to a species is greater because species are a type, comprehensive
evolutionary unit and not a token, individual. We have no right
to reduce the tree frog except for vital need and too cut the forest
land to build a logging road is not vital. Those in favor of the project say
that tree frogs are not important to us. Taking away the tree frog will destroy
the ecosystem that they are a part of. The tree frog may not
be directly useful but, but it is indirectly important for the roles it
plays on the ecosystem. The loss of the tree frog species can imperil the
resilience and stability of the ecosystems on which we depend on. They may not
have an obvious direct value to humans but they are part of the biodiversity
that keep ecosystems healthy. Naturally rare species indicates
exuberance in nature. Frogs are good bioindicators and the most
diverse sites have fewer unique species of tree frogs in them and this suggest
that damaged rainforest could take millions of years to recover. Protecting the
tree frog helps us to preserve the rainforest that we benefit from.
The tree frog is very vital to the ecosystem and to disrupt this ecosystem
would kill this species of frog, disrupting the ecosystem critically. If left
alone these frogs will not become endangered and near extinction but with this
project, human disruption will make these frogs artificially rarer. All
life is interconnected so, our survival depends on other things

There are four main concepts of morphological, species have the same anatomy
and functions; biological, interbreeding; evolutionary, asking does species
same lineage historically; and genetic, they have the same common genome. These
concepts put together makes a species a living historical form breed into
each individual organisms, which flows actively over generations (Rolston,
249). Dr. John Wiens analyzed the DNA relationships between species.
“Dr. Wiens and his colleagues were able to map tree-frog evolution to
understand where and when they originated and they discovered that areas of
high species richness were established before the dinosaurs became
extinct. Amazon rainforest have large numbers of tree-frog species per site because
tree-frogs have been present and producing new species there for more than
sixty million years” (Tree-Frog biodiversity). The tree frog species are
objectively here as a living process “in the evolutionary ecosystem – found,
not made by taxonomists” (Rolston, 249). Ultimately, an individual plant or
animal survives for a few months, years, or decades but a lineage of species
survives for millennia.

All things considered, with this information as an EPA official I would not
approve this project. It may produce jobs for now but in the long run it will
affect us all as a whole society if, we destroy the rainforest that has not
been cut by humans for about 170 plus years and endanger the tree frogs.
Lineage of species last longer than animals or plants but, human
interference can destroy this because humans generate and regenerate nothing.
We have an indirect and direct duty to species. Species are real and saving
species has instrumental value for us. Tree frogs are bioindicators and
preserving them allows us to keep the ecosystems we benefit from.
They also lead to evolution and so does the rainforests that they live in. We
are all members of the Earth life community: Tree-frog species, humans, and
plants. All living things have intrinsic value, a good of their own. All life is interconnected so, our survival
depends on other things. The tree frog is vital to the ecosystem and
to disrupt this ecosystem would kill this species of frog disrupting the
ecosystem severely.  Our hands should be off nature and its



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