I understand that Criminal Justice is a collection

I understand that Criminal Justice is a collection of practices and establishments of the government whose purpose is to uphold the law, curb crime, or sanction those who break the law with penalties or rehabilitation. Criminal Justice can also be defined as a field of study. The accused has adequate protection against any abuse from investigatory and prosecution powers. Criminal Justice system varies around the world and is solely dependent on the country. For example, when an individual or a group is charged with a crime in Britain they are given rights, while in other countries there is no trial and they are simply sentenced even if it breaches their rights. Most developed countries have adopted the British Criminal Justice System, since most countries were colonies/protectorates of Britain. In less developed countries or countries in conflict there in no practical justice system in use. These countries are often forced to use the military groups to enforce the law, this often leads to the execution of the individual or group that presumably committed the crime without a trial. Criminal Justice is the broken down into three branches.  Law Enforcement/Police, it enforces the laws in the state, county or area it has been assigned to. Its main purpose is to uphold the laws that govern the country, state or community. Law Enforcement is defined as individuals and agencies responsible for enforcing laws and maintaining public order with public safety in mind. It also includes the prevention, detection and investigation of crime, and the incarceration and detention of an individual or group suspected of violating the law.   Courts on the other hand, uphold the law in ways that prevent them from being broken in the future. When an individual or group has been charged by law enforcement it is the job of the court to determine whether the charges are justified and if so what punishments are required to ensure or help prevent the individual or group from committing the crime or crimes again in the future. Court is defined as a Government body authorized to resolve legal disputes fairly and effectively. Corrections role is to make sure that the punishment/rehabilitation is seen through until the end of the determined sentence provided by the Courts. Corrections is defined as an individual or group housed in a secure corrections facility. Correction facilities vary in purpose and those who control them. 


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