I to fight off diseases, and provide care

I believe that Pharmacy is a branch of science,
which applies the scientific knowledge of complex chemical reaction to
manipulate the human body to alleviate a patient disease. I am profoundly
intrigued by how the understanding of biochemical pathways, types of bacteria,
viruses, and their effect on the human body has not only contributed to the
advancements of medications, but also an understanding of human diseases.

Medicines are not only used to save lives but also used to provide a quality of
life. For example, the first ever miracle drug Penicillin, which brought
pharmaceuticals into the spot light. From the point on
pharmacist have been on the frontlines of combating illness. Since pharmacists
are held responsible for pioneering new medicine to fight off diseases, and provide
care for their patients. This occupation that intertwines patient care and scientific
knowledge is something that I have came to hold in high regards.    

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my time during volunteering and working in a lab, I witnessed and experience a
lot. I have volunteered at a local soup kitchen, hospital, and worked in a
research lab at the University of Iowa. Volunteering provided me a window into
the medical world. Through volunteering I witnessed normal everyday people
dawning on a white coat and following the Hippocratic oath, to provide patients
a safe place of compassion, and treatment. My time volunteering showed me that
a doctor and pharmacists aren’t just walking encyclopedia with all the answers
to a person problem, but a individual doing everything in his power to provide
the best health care possible, to ease their patients suffering. Volunteering
at the University of Iowa Hospital burn unit has allowed me to
interact with individuals in immense pain. Working with burn victims was highly
rewarding as it gave me the opportunity to help someone in a critical state and
it was disheartening to see them in such pain and agony. However, with the use
of pain medication patients where provided an escape from their ongoing pain
which allows them to heal, sleep, and a quality of life. I quickly realized the major influence a pharmacist has certain
patients, as they are responsible monitoring a patient’s health and therapy. As
they have the ability to provide a patient an escape from pain, and a chance to
quickly transition back to a normal life. Volunteering helped me understanding and empathize with
individuals in such fragile state due to their health, and build my appreciation
for pharmacist who can improve their patient’s health, as
well as reinforcing me that I want to strive in a career in Pharmacy.


Then working for Prof. Neiman I was
provided with an environment that help better understand the scientific theory.

Working in Prof. Neiman lab was a commitment, which tested my resolve in
working two to three hours straight feeding, and cleaning wild strain of snail
in a room always set at 45 degrees. Then after some time in the lab running
experiments and becoming accustom to the daily grind I realizing how to
persevere and find enjoyment in ones work. Especially spending hours on an
experiment just to have it be a complete failure in the end. Yet still
restarting from square one to grasp the underlining mechanism for the
experiments failing and to improve on them to obtain the desired results.

Ultimately, building my confidence up in any scientific endeavor I embarked and
the mental fortitude to accomplish them. All of which correlated to my endless
desire to find the answers to help patients in their most crucial time of need.

The underlining reasons for me pursing a
pharmaceutical degree is all for the pursuit of knowledge, and to provide those
diagnosed with alignment a better life. My journey for the scientific academics
began with medical papers from the likes of the American Journal of Medicine,
and the Nature Journal. I can still remember to this day hours in the lab doing
experiments. Suffering setback after
setback, however, a part of me just wasn’t satisfied, like an itch that
couldn’t be left alone until I got the results. The captivating insight in
knowing and finding answers to life threating diseases is something engraved in
my soul, and one of the reasons why I am pursuing a higher education. My time
volunteering, and working fortified my decision. Having the opportunity to
assist and help patients truthfully provided me an outlet in realizing my passion
and desires have a suitable occupation in Pharmacy, and I relish the opportunity to study such an dynamic and
stimulating course.


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