I they have sex with other people. Also,

I am aware that sex can be classified in
many different things but to me sex means being intimate and making love to
your partner. I believe that sex can be between any two people (or more) no
matter what gender they are or identify as, I think it involves a sort of
penetration. I also am aware that there are other people that can psychically
feel the same pleasure without doing any penetration.

my parents lacked in having the sex talk with me at a young age I viewed sex as
an adult thing and done after getting married. The messages I received by the
faith community is to wait until marriage and should be between a woman and a
man. But as a young adult in a time of change with more knowledge about this,
my views have changed. I believe that anybody who wants or decides to have sex
should be shared with someone you care about or have feelings for but it doesn’t
mean it always is and has to be. I think sex should be something that everyone
is educated on and exposed to from an early age so people at least know the
facts and statistics about pregnancy and STI’s to help them make educated decisions.

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 I do
believe that nobody should feel embarrassed about their sex lives, if the society
was better educated and judged less for the choices that were decided a big
majority of the people would make better overall decisions to their sex life. I
don’t feel like sex should be seen and used only for reproductive purposes it
should also be seen as a source of pleasure. People who encounter this issue
are same sex couples, some transgender couples and heterosexual couples who
either don’t want children or just are incapable to have them. This is
something that bothers me very much because the stigma around it makes people
worried about what others would think about them if they have sex with other
people. Also, another thing that bothers me is those people who freely have sex
without any regard to the consequences and damage they would be causing another
person just for their actions. There are so many STI’s out that show no signs
or symptoms that go undetected unless tested or informed by their partner.

When it comes to discussing sexuality, it
comes easy with people like my partner and my cousins. The reason why is simply
because I know I can’t trust them and know that if I have questions, develop curiosity
or need help they’ll be there for me. The aspects that bring me pleasure, joy,
and comfort is knowing that the person I’m being intimate with is someone who I
feel comfortable with “exposing” my body to and knows that they love me. The
aspects that cause me to fear, have anxiety, or distress is feeling the sense
of being judged or sense of being a disappointment to my partner. I personally
don’t decide what to do or when having sex it just naturally happens but they
do have their limitations to when it occurs as in the appropriate locations.



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