I survive, showing his endurance and will to

I think
that the metaphor is rather effective and it shows Grenouille’s great will to
survive. Ticks suck blood from their victims so that they can survive. Ticks do
not spend a lot of time moving around, as described  in the book, they just simply sit silently on
the tree in absolute isolation with the outside world, waiting for their next
victim to come by and fall on them as seen in the quote “but the tick,
stubborn, sullen and loathsome, huddles there and lives and waits. Waits, for
that most improbable of chance that will bring blood”. He waited, just like a
tick, for his opportunity to gain freedom, and discovers his talents during the
process (superior sense of smell, and his ability of identifying and combining
them). This quote may also explain his childhood, existing without anyone ever
loving him (his mother abandon him, Madame Gaillard has no emotions and the
kids in the orphanage feared him), while it also helps the readers create a
vivid image of what a tick is like, linking it to Grenouille more easily. To most
people ticks are loathsome insects (as they carry disease), and Grenouille may
be described as loathsome as well. In the story, Grenouille brought hatred to
the wet-nurse that took care of him due to his enormous appetite, and even
struck fear into Father Terrier when he started sniffing him.


“He was as
tough as a resistant bacterium and as content as a tick sitting quietly on a
tree and living off a tiny drop of blood plundered years before.”, this quote
is able to reflect his strong will to survive, Grenouille required only a
minimum ration of food and clothing in the Madame Gaillard’s orphanage, other
children from the orphanage tried to suffocate him but he still managed to
survive, showing his endurance and will to survive. While ticks use their sense
to locate their host’s blood, Grenouille also uses his sensitive sense of smell
to investigate different objects such as when he first came into contact with
Father Terrior.

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