I sum, the revere the cat for its

I am writing to express my
conviction in continuing to serve our society and specifically highlighting the
importance of the cat in our community. As you may know, we have continued to
have a peaceful existence, thanks to our gods who have always been there to
protect us. As a priest of Bastest, I would like to share with you my specific reservations
of what the cat means to me, how I find it is critical to our economic existence
and how it affects our culture.

Of course, Vizier, in our
many interactions I have always tried to express the importance of the cat to
our society. In my perspective, I view bast as a source of my protection and
happiness. It has made my life better in many ways by safeguarding my home and
my walking paths. Whether day or night, I always feel that the ever watchful
eyes of bast are there to ensure my safety. Vizier, I understand that you are
aware are rever our gods. However, I feel obliged to share with you some of my
specific convictions of the cat. I have mentioned that it means protection and
happiness. Nonetheless, I must say that it also brings pleasure to my heart. As
a protector, a shield to our homes, I am convinced that we owe our god our
pleasures. In sum, the revere the cat for its humility. It is a companion to me
and a friend that ensures I do not get into trouble. I believe it helps me stay
healthy, get food and enjoy life.

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As a Vizier, you remain a
critical person in our society, and I have always felt honoured to share with
you my thoughts. Your leadership and advice to our majesty the King are so
significant to the general well-being of our subjects. Consequently, I am sure
you understand the relevance of our economic existence both as a kingdom and
beyond. In my view, Bast the cat becomes so important in any discourse of this
kind. Our economic existence is anchored on, firstly, the health of our people,
and secondly, fertility. I find it hard to discuss matters relating to health
and well being of our people without acknowledging Bast. Perhaps you may wonder
why. It is because to me, the cat wards off the thieves that come to destroy
us. It is the continually watching eyes that protects us from wondering vermin
that aim to rob away our health, peace and create pain, mourning and death. Therefore,
the cat has been able to protect us against disease and ensure we are healthy
enough to run our economy. It has been able to save us a fortune by keeping us
away from sickness and medicine. All these is so central to our daily
activities. That is why I find the cat critical to my economic existence.

Dear Vizier, I understand
as leaders we always strive to serve the king and our people the best way we
can. Individually, we wish to remain healthy, have a happy family. It is my
opinion that we will be able to achieve that desire when we can understand the
sources of our power as a people. As a priest of bastess I have extensively
studied the cat. It is a gentle creature, caring to its litter, benevolent, and
fertile. The cat, therefore, by its creation and character, stands out as an
evolution from Sekhmet and stands out as a significant religious symbol for our
people. It represents fertility, protection, friend, and a symbol of healing.

Perhaps, in your own time, you could review some of our religious manuscripts
that detail the why the cat has always been considered an important religious
symbol. Some writings have referred to Bast the goddess bringer of health and
the original mistress of multi-tasking. The guardian of the saint of
firefighters and so on. Vizier, the generations before us must have experienced
the true goodness of bast to honour it with such reverence. I am convinced that
you have also experienced some, if not most of the goodness of the cat.

Overal, I must say my
writing to your is a way of appreciating our working together. It gives me a
chance to inform you, as am tasked to do to all Egypt, on the essential aspects
of our lives; our gods. Notably, it is evident that our belief system
significantly influences our culture. Moreover, serving as a Priest of Bastess,
I find the cat a significant part of our culture right from our homes to our
temples. I have mentioned several things about the cat. However, I should
finish off by sharing with you my perception of the role of the cat in the
Egyptian culture. In understanding its role, I should first mention the context
our people. We have been blessed with the Nile, water may be in abundance some
time, but we need good seeds and fertile soils. We are predominantly farmers and
mostly surrounded by the harsh deserts and numerous enemies. However, we have
always managed to survive thanks to the gods that have always protected us. The
Bastess, in its representation of fertility and care, has always inspired our
livelihoods. The cat has alleviated asps, rats, snakes and even harmful
scorpions from under our feets and kept our world safe. In recognising the
importance of the goddess, our society has been decorated with numerous
artworks and curvings to express their admiration of the cat. They are as much
part of our families and companion as they are a goddess. Most households have
also gone ahead to decorate their homes with a statue of Bast as a symbol of

Also, it is possible to
connect the cat to abundance and fertility. Emulation of the character of the
cat, primarily since it was a gentler replacement of the more violent Sekhmet,
the cat represents a benevolent goddess that prevents us from the spread of
illness. The role of saving people from fires and the belief in the many lives
of cats has been part and parcel of our beliefs for centuries. No wonder we
still house them in our Bast temples where many felines are almost permanent
residences. Cats remain symbols of our belief in Bast. They represent the all-seeing
eyes that not only protect against thieves and enemies but avert illnesses. Particularly,
Bast is closer to our women and children whom we have always tried to protect.

I look forward to our further
correspondence on related matters. 


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